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Ethan Sprengeler joins MCI sales team as regional sales vice president

Motor Coach Industries (MCI), the U.S. subsidiary of New Flyer Industries Inc. (“NFI Group”), the largest transit bus and motor coach manufacturer and parts distributor in North America, is adding more sales support with the addition of Ethan Sprengeler as Regional Sales Vice President. Sprengeler joined MCI on February 26, and will support the company’s […]

Girardin ceases distribution of New Flyer products on March 1, 2018

New Flyer Industries Canada ULC and New Flyer of America Inc. (collectively “New Flyer”), subsidiaries of New Flyer Industries Inc. (“NFI Group”), the largest transit bus and motor coach manufacturer and parts distributor in North America, announced a mutual agreement with A. Girardin Inc. (“Girardin”) to cease distribution of New Flyer products through Girardin in […]

Why the Bus Industry Shouldn’t be Afraid of Brokers

By Madeline Parks Over time, bus operators have developed an understandable distaste for brokers in the industry. Many customers have shared horror stories in which they’ve booked through brokers and received the wrong type of bus, gotten a driver who wasn’t certified, been over-quoted for a trip, or had their trip canceled at the last […]


Charging infrastructure – with interoperability, everyone wins By Lindy Norris and David Warren   Battery-electric buses are gaining fast ground in traditional transit fleets. A key success factor in deploying electric propulsion lies within the deployment of the charging infrastructure. Charging infrastructure can vary significantly in type. This includes the power type (AC – alternating […]


How transit can learn from other mobile-first payment industries By Mark Poole Most of the challenges facing fare collection revolve around the ease of use for your riders. Using multiple systems or complicated fare structures makes it difficult for new riders to feel comfortable, because they fear not having the correct ticket or amount of […]

Enterprise Asset Management

Managing maintenance matters In an interview with BUSRide, Ryan Harshbarger, Avail Technologies’ Fleet-Net® and business intelligence specialist, speaks about how technology enhances maintenance management, and how agencies can benefit by including maintenance managers as part of crucial decision-making processes. Avail Technologies, State College, PA, is a totally integrated solutions provider for the public transit industry […]

Making Mobility SMARTER

Making Mobility SMARTER   Following the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past January, public transit suddenly became the darling of North American fascination. Why? Smart Cities. Defined by the global Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professional organization for the advancement of technology, a Smart (Sustainable) […]


How to knock out any roundabout By Owen McLean   Roundabouts are becoming more common throughout the United States, replacing the traditional intersection. They move traffic one-way in a counterclockwise direction, at slower speeds, and create fewer conflict points for potential incidents. Although some motorists appear perplexed when approaching a roundabout, many of the same […]

Palm Tran’s Upward Mobility Program puts employees at the forefront

Palm Tran’s Upward Mobility Program puts employees at the forefront   One of the most fundamental core values of the American dream is upward mobility — that is, the opportunity to climb up the corporate ladder. However, roadblocks can often hinder even the most ambitious employees from progressing. Take Christopher Love, for example. Love started […]

Advancing accessibility in mass transit systems

Advancing accessibility in mass transit systems John Walsh breaks down the problems and solutions of accessible public transportation BUSRide recently spoke with John Walsh, president and COO of Davey Coach Sales, Denver, CO, about the state of passenger accessibility in modern transit – and where the industry needs to go now. In your estimation, in what […]