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The Rapid Specializes Bus Washing with InterClean

For the Rapid – the transit agency serving the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area – bus washing is critical. With the freezing and windy Michigan winters bringing plenty of rain and snow, the Rapid’s buses are subject to all manners of weather-related corrosion if not washed properly on a regular cycle. In 2008, the Rapid began […]

Space Coast Area Transit Embraces ITS and SPOT

Terry Jordan, director of Space Coast Area Transit in Brevard County, Florida, said the agency has embraced cutting-edge transit technology for years. “Even before my time as interim director and director of the County’s Transit Service Department, our agency has sought to implement technology to help us capture information under the guidance of prior director, […]

Fire Risk Management Assessment and Mitigation

By Joseph Peoples With the rapid introduction and adoption of all-electric vehicles in the transit market, it is critical that agencies and operators are educated on the fire risks associated with new bus builds and technologies. Without proper training and knowledge, there are several major fire risks which agencies might miss. Assessing Fire Risk Management […]

Palm Tran Goes Fully Accessible with QUANTUM and Q’POD

Palm Tran’s routes stretch across Palm Beach County, Florida, a large and dynamic service area in Florida’s southeastern coast. The agency’s fixed-route services transport 22,000 daily passengers, with the Palm Tran Connection for paratransit and on-demand services handling trips for an additional 2,500 daily passenger trips for residents with disabilities or other obstacles for traveling. […]

Oahu’s TheHandi-Van Keeps Rides Smooth with LiquidSpring

TheHandi-Van, operated by Oahu Transit Services in Hawaii, knows all about rough roads. The busy island of Oahu features steep, winding paths which often give way to roads affected by the tropical climate and heavy rainfall. For some passengers, ride quality can mean the difference between utilizing paratransit services or not. Since 2017, the agency […]

Re-Imagining Accessible Transportation After COVID

BUSRide convened with industry thought leaders to discuss accessibility in the wake of COVID-19. The panelists discussed paratransit disruptions due to the pandemic, new safety concerns, the role technology plays in the “new normal,” and more. Our panelists: Bill Ott Vice President of Global Engineering Q’STRAINT Paola Realpozo Vice President, Marketing Trapeze Group Kevin Trudeau […]

The Impact of Digitalization on the School Bus Industry’s Service, Operations and Profitability

Coverage from the BUSRide-sponsored panel at the Busworld Digital Summit, curated and moderated by Tim Ammon By Emma Green Friday, June 4, BUSRide sponsored a session at the 2021 Busworld Digital Summit, focused on the impact of digitalization on the school bus industry, the services provided, and the operations and profitability of the providers. The […]

Palm Tran Embraces Avail’s Enterprise Transit Management Solution

Partnering with Avail Technologies, Palm Tran has upgraded ITS to help manage and coordinate services across Palm Beach County With 159 vehicles serving over 35,000 daily riders in Florida’s expansive Palm Beach County, it is critical for Palm Tran’s dispatchers, staff, and administration to have real-time, fleetwide communication with vehicles, drivers, and riders – and […]

Maintenance is the Key to Long Vehicle Life

By Iriz Guerrero Bus maintenance is one of the most important components of a successful public transit agency. It allows agencies to maintain their buses operating optimally while controlling time and costs to ensure maximum efficiency. In addition, it helps to secure a reliable and satisfactory quality of transportation to riders. Poorly maintained buses can […]

Diesel-to-Electric Repowering Can be a Stepping Stone to All-Electric

These vehicles can be used effectively on shorter-distance routes and shuttle programs With the advent of diesel-to-electric repowering, next-level sustainability is becoming more affordable for bus fleet operations. At ABC Companies, we have partnered with Lightning eMotors to develop a five-step process to identify, assess, and convert “donor” diesel coaches with a proprietary, fast-track battery […]