ABC Companies: Built for Your Bottom Line

ABC Companies, a family-owned success story, is built on decades of quality relationships with its customers, while always looking toward the future. This success is the result of making its customers’ bottom line, ABC’s top priority, and building a culture that embraces this approach.

As Roman Cornell has fully transitioned into his role as CEO of ABC Companies, he brings a vision focused on enhancing the company’s strengths and deepening its commitment to customer success. 

“We are completely focused on what our customers need to be successful in today’s market,” Cornell said. “We continuously challenge the organization to ensure that our top priority is our customer’s bottom line. Put simply, we want to drive the best return for the investment customers make when doing business with ABC, whether it is motorcoaches, cutaways, parts, or service. Our goal is to make doing business with ABC a competitive advantage for our customers.”

This customer-centric approach is evident in ABC’s product offering, starting with the flagship product line, Van Hool. Like ABC Companies, Van Hool is a family-owned business led by the third generation of its founder. For over 75 years, Van Hool has become synonymous with innovation and quality. For over 35 years, ABC has been the exclusive distributor of Van Hool, putting over 12,000 new motorcoaches on the road. 

“Our focus is providing a coach that meets the needs of drivers and passengers, but at the same time, is designed for serviceability and reliable operation,” Cornell said. “We often hear that Van Hools are appreciated by technicians and drivers. This is by design, as we collaborate with Van Hool to deliver the lowest cost of operation within our customers fleets while making it easier to service and operate. Features like interchangeable windshields, industry leading access to our engines and after-treatment systems by using electric fans, stainless steel entryway handles, and more all add up to lower operating costs that deliver on the bottom line.” 

The evolution of the Van Hool CX series is a result of continual collaboration with customers. This can be seen in recent interior updates including relocation of the lavatory, increasing the length of the driver’s area almost five inches, adding a digital dash and smart wheel, making rear windows standard, updating passenger compartment lighting, materials and more. This same approach can be seen throughout ABC Companies’ dramatically expanded product portfolio. With the addition of several industry leading cutaway offerings from brands like Turtle Top, Frontrunner, Sunset, TCI Mobility, and more, ABC remains focused on balancing features, and functionality with cost of operations and value for its customers. 

“We offer the most diverse product portfolio in the industry, from eight to 81 passengers using ICE/combustion or electric power.,” Cornell continued. “This portfolio is key to bringing the right sized and right priced solution to our clients as the needs of their customers evolve.”

ABC Companies continues to be focused on the Parts Source division. 

“We have significantly increased our inventory as a proactive measure against intermittent supply chain challenges,” Cornell said. “We continue to offer parts for all major brands and models, with OEM and aftermarket options. This approach allows ABC Parts Source to service mixed fleets with the efficiency and cost effectiveness of a single supplier. Our after-market parts offerings continue to grow as it provides another price point, and more availability when OEM parts are being directed to production lines. With an expansive catalog boasting over 200,000+ SKUs in stock, ABC Parts Source™ provides a user-friendly online platform allowing customers to browse, search, and purchase replacement parts conveniently.” 

The ABC Technical Solutions team plays a unique role working as an advocate for the evolving needs of the diverse ABC Companies customer base. 

Whether a unique need for a single customer or an industry wide solution is required, this highly flexible team can rapidly develop innovative answers. From integration of solar panels or Starlink internet to identifying applicable future technologies, this team is committed to service the unique needs of ABC customers.

The ABC Service Team continues to focus on providing quality service solutions when and where customers have a need. 

“Our technicians can be found on the road, at our customers locations and across our facilities, offering a range of support from assisting a clients limited technical resources, or providing specialized repairs, to advanced hands-on technician training,” Cornell noted.

The ABC Service Team has been particularly crucial to many customers in the aftermath of the pandemic, where demand has surged but the available workforce has dwindled. With hundreds of vehicles under maintenance contracts through the ABC Service team, clients benefit from the ongoing training, state of the art tools and continued learning ABC technicians bring to all its customers. 

“The insights gained from fleets under maintenance contracts, along with ongoing maintenance and repairs, ensures that our service team can keep fleet costs down and time on the road up,” Cornell explained. 

The Customer Care team at ABC Companies ensures that after-sales support is never more than a call away.

ABC provides 24/7/365 access to a live call center of industry experienced professionals. The call center can walk customers through a solution or deploy a field-based technician. The Customer Care team also offers several comprehensive training programs available to ABC customers. From online self-paced programs and instructional videos to advanced on-site training, customers can improve operations and lower costs with these resources. Beginning with the ABC University, which forms a customizable foundation, ABC is committed to bringing training resources to our customers. 

“We are immensely proud of our Customer Care team and their singular focus on assisting our customers,” Cornell said. “This team of experienced professionals means ABC is always at your side and focused on maximizing your uptime which minimizes your costs.”

Under the strategic direction of Roman Cornell, ABC Companies is setting a course for continued growth and innovation, making customers’ bottom lines the top priority. Bringing its clients the most comprehensive vehicle offering in the industry, coupled with Parts, Service and After Sales Support, creates what Cornell refers to as the ABC Advantage.

“We are not content with being a dealer; we are committed to being a partner in our customers’ success,” Cornell concluded. “This means going beyond to anticipate their needs and create solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations. I challenge every member of our team to think forward, innovate relentlessly, and maintain the highest standards of service to ensure that our customers see ABC as more than a supplier but as a partner in their success, now and into the future.”