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ABC expands Turtle Top Distribution partnership to northeast, southeast and southwest regions

  ABC Companies, a leading provider of motorcoach, transit and specialty passenger transport equipment in the USA and Canada, has expanded its distribution agreement with Turtle Top to offer its popular Odyssey, Terra Transit and Vanterra product line in locations covering the eastern seaboard from Georgia to New York State, as well as the states […]

IC Bus expands CE Series passenger capacity

  IC Bus®, the leading school bus manufacturer and subsidiary of Navistar, announced today it will offer an expanded capacity option for its flagship CE Series bus. “As our flagship model, we are constantly looking for ways to refine our CE Series product to continue providing customers with the best bus for their operations,” said […]

Take a Holistic Approach to Fire Suppression

Our experience clearly demonstrates that the best approach to fire suppression in bus transportation is using a water-based system as opposed to a dry-powder system. Dry powder is sometimes used in bus or coach fire suppression systems, but a water-based system is much more efficient at quickly knocking down the flame source and keeping it […]

Fire Suppression Mitigates Evacuation Time

The most important thing to remember about fire suppression is that suppression is the operative term. If you apply enough heat to any vehicle or fuel, it will burn down regardless of an onboard extinguisher or fire suppression system. No onboard fire suppression system will be 100 percent effective at extinguishing fires 100 percent of […]

Rigorous Testing Means Better Fire Suppression

Bus fires happen, and they happen frequently as can be confirmed by a quick search of the internet. These fires endanger lives, disrupt traffic often at key locations and times, and have a negative impact on the reputation of the operator.  What is interesting though, is the fact that protected buses also catch fire – […]

United Safety Introduces The Infinity Line – Passenger and Driver Seating & Suspension

Public transportation is shifting to the future, with increased investments in electric and hybrid vehicles, light-weighting, mobility solutions, and an eye toward Bus Rapid Transit. Representatives from United Safety said the company is prepared to help the industry with dynamic seating solutions that fit transit’s focus on these concepts. The Infinity Line of transit seating […]

Quick’s Bus celebrates 75 years, wins VMA awards

Friendly transactions, safe, clean vehicle interiors and reliable, trustworthy service have been cornerstones of Quick’s Bus success for the past 75 years. For the third-generation company’s service to peers and the state’s motor coach industry during COVID-19, Quick’s has won the 2021 Robert T. Mitchell Public Service Award from the Virginia Motorcoach Association (VMA). Friendly […]

Advancements in Collision Avoidance at Rosco Vision

By Emma Green Founded in 1907 and based in Jamaica, New York, Rosco Vision is one of North America’s leading suppliers of backup camera systems, mirrors, video recording, sensor products, collision avoidance systems and other vision safety solutions to the worldwide commercial vehicle market. As a developer and manufacturer of vision safety systems for all […]

Rose Chauffeured Transportation streamlines per diem with Prepaid Expense Cards

ROSE Chauffeured Transportation has served the Charlotte, North Carolina, area with a dedicated team of drivers, dispatchers, technicians and managers since its 1985 founding by H.A. and Andy Thompson as family-owned limousine business. Now a full-fledged charter company with a fleet of 48 vehicles (including 19 motorcoaches), the company prides itself on providing a top-to-bottom […]

The Time is Now For Cloud Computing and Your Bus Operation

By H. Kevin Mest Cloud computing has been around for two decades. Yet, despite the data pointing to the business efficiencies, cost-benefits, and competitive advantages it holds, some are still resistant to embrace it. For example, suppose you are still evaluating whether or not to adopt the cloud for your bus operations. In that case, […]