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Rejuvenate Your Fleet — IT’S TIME!

Are your buses spending a lot of time in the shop? Do they keep breaking down in the middle of service? Or maybe you have noticed the exterior/interior body begin to deteriorate? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then your fleet may be due for a mid-life rehab/overhaul. A process that strips down the […]

Assessing Needs and Factors in Collision Repair and Refurbishment

By Ed Harmon Owners should begin assessing whether to take on a collision repair by asking a few simple questions up front like: Do we have the necessary resources or expertise to purchase the right replacement parts the first time? Have we performed major body repairs before? What is the estimated time for repairs and […]

County of Hawai‘i MTA Goes with Hydrogen Fuel Cells as Part of Master Plan

As part of its 2017 commitment to transition to zero emission fleets, The County of Hawaiʻi Mass Transit Agency (MTA), in partnership with the Hawaiʻi Natural Energy Institute (HNEI) and U.S. Hybrid, has taken delivery of its first hydrogen fuel-cell-powered bus. Slated for operation later this spring, the 21-passenger 2014 El Dorado Aero Elite was […]

3 Ways to Know You’ve Chosen the Right Fleet Management Platform Provider

Leveraging the power of connected data, a smart fleet management platform can truly transform how your fleet makes critical business decisions by uncovering hidden costs and efficiencies, tracking and securing assets (and children in transit), and monitoring driver performance and safety. However, implementing a fleet management solution across your entire fleet is a major investment. […]

LAUSD selects Zum to make student transportation greener, safer and more equitable

  The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has awarded a transportation contract valued at over $400 million to Zūm, the leader in modern student transportation. The decision, approved by the LAUSD board of directors, signals the district’s commitment to replacing an archaic, legacy transportation system with a cleaner, safer and more equitable solution for the students and families of Los […]

New Orleans RTA reaches four-year agreement with ATU Local 1560

  Today, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) announced the ratification of the four-year labor agreement with the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 1560.  During today’s RTA Board of Commissioners Meeting, the commissioners unanimously voted to ratify the resolution that granted the RTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Alex Z. Wiggins, the authority to sign the new labor agreement which includes a pay and benefits […]

Nadia Nesich wins “Best of Show” at 2022 DART Student Art Contest

  Nadia Nesich, a 7th grade student at Pegasus School of Liberal Arts & Sciences in Dallas, is this year’s Best of Show winner in Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) annual Student Art Contest. Nadia’s artwork, based on this year’s theme “DART’s New Bus Network: Simpler. Better. Faster. Easier!”, asked young artists where they would […]

New Orleans RTA announces newest board commissioner

Today, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority (RTA) announced the newest member of the Board of Commissioners, Maria DeFrancesch during the RTA’s June 28, 2022, board meeting. Commissioner DeFrancesch will serve as a member of the Operations Committee. Commissioner DeFrancesch joins Commissioners, Timothy P. Coulon and Joseph J. Ewell, Jr., representing the residents of Jefferson Parish. Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng appointed Maria DeFrancesch to […]

ABC Companies Zero Emissions Tour in full swing throughout North America

ABC Companies, a leading provider of motorcoach, transit and specialty passenger transport vehicles in the USA and Canada, is conducting a North American demo tour of its industry leading 100% battery electric Van Hool motorcoach models along with several zero emission cutaway shuttle vehicles. These electric vehicles showcase the potential for transporting 12 to 69 […]

ABC Companies growth in cutaway shuttle, van and transit vehicle markets includes addition of George Altevogt

ABC Companies has continued growth into new markets providing both private and public customers a greater range of vehicle options, while leveraging its strength in after sales support and customer up-time. The entry into vans, cutaway shuttles and low floor transit vehicle sales was led by Roman Cornell, President and Chief Commercial Officer at ABC […]