Prevost’s H3-45: One Year Later

A year after its debut in Orlando, Campbell Bus Lines is Running a Fleet of H3-45s

One year ago, at the United Motorcoach Association’s (UMA) Motorcoach EXPO, Prevost unveiled the all-new, restyled H3-45. The coach featured a brand-new appearance, as well as improved aerodynamics, increased driver and passenger visibility, a more dynamic driver’s cockpit, reinvigorated interior features, expanded parcel space, and more.

At the time, Prevost promised major improvements over previous models in comfort, serviceability, and fuel efficiency.

New Features

The front-end’s redesign included a more tapered angle that provides increased air flow around the coach. Prevost also modified the curvature of the vehicle’s horizontal and vertical axes, while the new windshield slanted an additional 7 inches inward (compared to previous H3-45 models) to reduce wind drag. The back of the coach featured a redesigned lip to further increase the vehicle’s aerodynamics, and a newly designed electric entry door adds to the vehicle’s polished appearance.

Prevost also optimized the vehicle’s mirrors to be more aerodynamic and wind resistant, while maintaining a modern, sleek design. 

With maintenance and serviceability in mind, the H3-45 has a Front Access Panel for improved maintenance access, as well as numerous maintenance-friendly features throughout the vehicle. The new three-piece bumper means that customers need only replace the damaged portion in the event of a minor collision, as opposed to the entire bumper. 

Along with updated passenger PCU controls, the cabin features improved HVAC air distribution and improved views. 

Campbell Bus Lines is “All In” with the H3-45

Campbell Bus Lines, based in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, has operated for more than 50 years providing trips for college athletics, military, and student and adult tours. Todd Campbell, owner of Campbell Bus Lines, said that the company began running Prevost motorcoaches in 2014. 

Campbell Bus Lines was among the first companies to take delivery of the 2024 H3-45 in March 2023. By April 2024, the company will operate 15 2024 H3-45 motorcoaches by Prevost. With his entire fleet being less than 3 months old, Campbell said his company has the newest coach fleet in the country.

“Coming out of COVID, we knew that we wanted equipment with good resale value,” he said. “And the Prevost H3-45 has the best marketability and resale value in the industry. Hands down, and it’s not even close.”

In reviewing the H3-45 upon its debut, Campbell was drawn most to the new stepway, headlight configuration, seating, and space improvements.

The vehicle’s wide, curved stair entry was a new design feature, and Prevost added additional lighting. The customizable interior lighting is available in six colors, and includes a cleaning mode for improved customer experience. The new parcel racks are made of easy-to-maintain materials and add four inches of width to the center aisle.

From left: Marco Prevost, product manager for Prevost; Todd Campbell, owner of Campbell Bus Lines; and Guillaume Charron, Prevost vice president of retail operations.


“Customers really like the steps, which are deeper and more comfortable for seniors coming onboard the bus,” he said. “We’ve had many comments from adults and seniors saying the entryway is comfortable.”

“Secondly, we knew the new headlights were going to be better – but they’re really unbelievable,” he said. “They just produce so much more light. It’s a noticeable difference of how much brighter the headlights are.”

The passenger cabin is outfitted with Prevost’s proprietary CloudOne seat line, designed to reduce fatigue during long trips and is optimized for taller riders. It features a more comfortable upright position, an ergonomic headrest, and industry-leading lumbar support.

“Customers love the new seats,” he said, “and this is the only brand of coach where we can get them. We get so many positive comments on the seats.”

The H3-45 driver experience was inspired by the automotive industry, with a new dash and improved driver display, with GPS, surround and back-up camera views integrated into the screen. The adjustable steering wheel features similarly intuitive fingertip controls.

“The driver’s cockpit area is very comfortable for our drivers,” Campbell said. “The switch and gauge placements are perfect, and everything is just easy to learn and to locate.”

Over the next five years, Campbell plans to take delivery of 30 more coaches – or one new coach every other month.

“We try to maximize everything for cost per mile and profitability,” he said. “The H3-45 gives us the best opportunity for that.”