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DART Board of Directors unanimously approves bus network redesign plan

  The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Board of Directors has unanimously approved the DARTzoom Final Bus Network Plan, which includes a complete redesign of the DART bus network. With the goal of providing greater frequency, longer service hours and improved access to destinations, the redesigned network goes into effect on January 24, 2022. As […]

Lion Electric kicks off its participation in NACFE Run on Less in partnership with Day & Ross

The Lion Electric Company, a leading manufacturer of all-electric medium and heavy-duty urban vehicles, has officially kicked off its participation in the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Rocky Mountain Institute’s (RMI) Run on Less – Electric challenge in partnership with Day & Ross, a top North American transportation and logistics company. The […]

Criteria for Selecting a New Bus Wash System

By Francis Tenggardjaja The easiest, fastest, and least expensive measure that bus and motorcoach operators can take to make a lasting impression is to keep their vehicles washed and shining. A bus wash system represents a significant capital investment from initial planning to installation. When it comes to selecting the right bus wash system, there […]

Research Goes a Long Way in Spec’ing Bus Washes

A detailed spec’ing process can ensure your long-term goals with a new bus wash system By Philip Luurtsema Spec’ing is one of the most important steps for any transit agency or private bus operator looking to purchase a new wash system. A good spec process explores system feasibility in several different areas: Research and Self-Research […]

Many Factors Play a Part in Choosing the Best Bus Wash System

By Christian Murillo What critical factors should purchasers consider when spec’ing a bus wash system for their operation? The specific location of the system, or if it needs to be portable, is certainly a consideration. Do you bring the bus to the wash or the wash to the bus? In most situations, a company cannot […]

Determining Factors for Purchasing a New Bus Wash System

By Jack Jackson The determining factors districts should consider when spec’ing a new bus wash system are budget versus wash frequency versus cost-per-wash. Since washing is an expense, not a revenue source, it is imperative that the most effective way to wash for the district should always be the most efficient and ecological way. Purchasing […]

Choose Your Brake Components Wisely

By T.J. Brown As disc brakes have become more prominent in the bus industry, more suppliers have entered the marketplace. That is good news to maintenance professionals who need to mind their budgets and keep a high standard of safety. But it also means that maintenance personnel have a little extra homework to ensure only […]

Air Disc Brakes: Advantages for the Transit and Motorcoach Market

By Mark Holley Over the past decade, the escalating adoption and standard positioning of air disc brakes has marked a significant shift across the North American commercial vehicle industry, including in the transit bus and motorcoach markets. Currently, about 15 percent of buses spec air disc brakes, with that number growing steadily every year. Safety, […]

Oahu’s TheHandi-Van Keeps Rides Smooth with LiquidSpring

TheHandi-Van, operated by Oahu Transit Services in Hawaii, knows all about rough roads. The busy island of Oahu features steep, winding paths which often give way to roads affected by the tropical climate and heavy rainfall. For some passengers, ride quality can mean the difference between utilizing paratransit services or not. Since 2017, the agency […]

Back to Basics: Handling Open Campaigns

Presented as part of ABA’s BISC & BusMARC 2021 Virtual Safety & Maintenance Series The American Bus Association’s Bus Industry Safety Council (BISC) and Bus Maintenance Repair Council’s (BusMARC) 2021 Virtual Safety & Maintenance Series offered a sequence of educational webinars early this year, covering a variety of industry-related topics.   As part of their […]