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Dutchess County Public Transit Will Empower its Bus Maintenance Team with AI Technology

Preteckt, a Hamilton, Ontario-founded, Memphis-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, has secured a commercial agreement with Dutchess County Public Transit (DCPT). By harnessing the latest cloud and AI technologies, Preteckt’s AI-powered predictive maintenance can detect issues in buses before they become progressively worse and empowers bus maintenance teams with precise repair plans to ensure safer and […]

Accelerating the Electrification of Public Transportation

Fasten your seatbelt – the journey to sustainable public transport is here. Rapid urbanization, growing passenger numbers, and the journey to reduced CO2 emissions have accelerated the need for sustainable mobility. Greener, cleaner, and quieter public transport modes can be scaled across cities and regions with innovative solutions in electrification and digitalization. The time to […]

Quickstart Guide to Transit Bus Electrification

Public transportation has always been an invaluable resource, not only for providing reliable, affordable mobility to the communities that need it most, but also in helping reduce the need for passenger vehicles in areas already congested with traffic and exhaust fumes. Now that electric vehicle (EV) technology has reached a point where even a 40-foot […]

FTA triennial review of Trinity Metro yields perfect score

  The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently completed its triennial review of Trinity Metro – and the results couldn’t be better. The triennial review focused on Trinity Metro’s compliance in 23 areas. No deficiencies were found with the FTA requirements in any of these areas. “During our review of Fort Worth Transportation Authority [dba Trinity […]

StanRTA Enhances Rider Experience and Dispatch Capabilities with Avail Technologies’ ETMS

The Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (StanRTA) was formed in 2021 to consolidate two transit systems that operated in Stanislaus County – Modesto Area Express (MAX) and Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT). Today, the consolidated StanRTA operates a fleet of 130 vehicles providing 2.3 million trips annually. Serving primarily California’s Stanislaus County, including the city of Modesto […]

Bus Collisions: Repair, Replace, or Outsource?

One of the most difficult decisions operators must make is if a collision bus should be repaired or replaced. It is never an easy process, and many variables must be considered. The three main driving variables are the extent of the damage, cost of repairs and the age of the bus. The bus must be […]

The Guide to Collision Repair, Refurbishments, and Remanufacturing

Buses are prone to a great deal of wear and tear from driving for thousands of miles on roadways in different climates and temperatures. Frequent maintenance is vital to maintaining an aging fleet and preventing malfunctions and breakdowns. In addition, buses benefit greatly from midlife refurbishment at six to eight years due to the extreme […]


BUSRide is pleased to announce the return of MotorVision. The popular contest last appeared in 2011, and annually spotlighted the best and brightest bus wraps and graphics in the industry. MotorVision has become known as the industry standard for showing off the best rolling billboards, moving murals, and free-wheeling creativity on wheels.  With its return […]

The Science Behind Bus Seating

We have the answers today to the mobility questions of tomorrow – and we are doing all that we can to ensure that this remains the case in the future. One important aspect of tomorrow’s mobility is sustainability. We meet our constantly growing commitment to our environment today with our modular recyclable construction systems. In […]

Palm Tran Elevates Fare Payments with Genfare

With three facilities and approximately 7 million boardings annually across Florida’s expansive Palm Beach County, Palm Tran Public Transportation was looking for a way to elevate customer experience while advancing equitable mobility for its riders. “We are always searching for ways to grow our ridership” said Clinton Forbes, Executive Director of Palm Tran. “And we […]