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Valley Metro LINK connects BRT to light rail

It is somewhat easy to understand why those sleek silver and purple buses that connect to METRO light rail service at Sycamore Station in Mesa, AZ, were upstaged on December 27, 2008.

With the much-celebrated grand opening of the new 20-mile light rail system, the new Valley Metro LINK bus rapid transit (BRT) service quietly began its own operations giving thousands of celebrants passage to the grand opening festivities at METRO’s most visited station.

Gray Line Worldwide debuts Gray Line Miami

Gray Line Worldwide, Denver, CO, provider of worldwide sightseeing tours, announces the addition of Miami, FL to its global network. The move expands Gray Line sightseeing tours and transportation to two destinations within the state of Florida.

Shebby Lee Tours proudly presents West Dakota

Award-winning historian Shebby Lee, owner and founder of Shebby Lee Tours, Rapid City, SD, believes the powers that be erred seriously when they divided the Dakota Territory into two separate states back in 1889.

Notes on a gloomy economy and other bright moments

Not so long ago the government and other optimists were reluctant to acknowledge any sort of economic slowdown, let alone a recession. What a contrast with the here and now. Today there certainly is no shortage of doomsayers.

China takes electrifying jumps

I am probably stretching the point to send this Letter from Europe from the Busworld Asia exhibition in Shanghai, China held in April. Nonetheless we all need to be aware of developments by Chinese bus and coach manufacturers.

What we have here is a failure to administrate

In its summation of the Mexican Hat crash of January 2008 that killed nine passengers, the decision by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) to also bring the hammer down on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stirred a smoldering fire.

The Red Arrow delivers 30 years of consummate service

With departures and arrivals as punctual as clockwork the Red Arrow is the lifeline travelers rely on to carry them up and down the Canadian province of Alberta. Commuters of every ilk have integrated the luxury motorcoach service into their regional travel to and from Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and Fort McMurray. The bonus is a ride more comfortable and convenient than any transportation service they have ever experienced. Passengers say they view the Red Arrow, a division of the Pacific Western Transportation group of companies, as their perfect solution — just as its founder and chairman Robert B. Colborne originally envisioned.

The solution to motorcoach fires: inspection, detection and notification

Bus fires continue to be a pervasive problem for our industry. Speaking before the recent Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) safety summit in Washington D.C., I presented on the precise causes and origins of motorcoach fires, noting that insurance and government data indicate that across the United States two buses on average catch fire each day.

AC Transit grows to 12 HyRoad zero-emission vehicles

The combination of petroleum-fuel dependency, air quality problems, and the ominous threat of greenhouse gases has made going green far more consequential than just trendy

Europe is strapped in

In the United Kingdom, the authorities most unusually decided seat belts should be fitted not only to new vehicles but also retrofitted to all existing coaches in circulation. This, of course, created an outcry that neither the seats nor the floors of many older coaches were suitable for retrofitting, and that a serious accident could be made worse by old seats breaking free with passengers belted on to them.