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StarMetro recycles through the artist’s hands

Scrap bus parts imbued with a love of movement and machines inspired the 11-foot aluminum sculpture by Florida sculptor Mark Dickson that now stands in front of the StarMetro Transit offices in Tallahassee, FL.

Get full value for school bus insurance

The typical independent school bus contractor essentially has two customers: the contracting school system and the parents of the pupils being transported. This makes the claim process much more complex as the school bus carrier must consider the needs and requirements of both groups.

IC Bus customization pushes the envelope

IC Bus™, Warrenville, IL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar, Inc, says it is working to meet a widening range of customer needs and preferences for vehicle customization. The company sees its orders becoming more specific as the bus industry continues to evolve, noting growing demand for applications that stretch beyond conventional bus and coach service.

Busworld from Russia with love

Busworld is best known for its exhibitions, held every two years in the small Belgian city of Kortrijk. A few years ago the management decided to take the same successful formula to other parts of the world, including Shanghai, Mumbai and Istanbul.

IC Bus named BusCon lead sponsor

IC Bus, a leading manufacturer of commercial buses, has been named the exclusive lead sponsor for BusCon.

Shoot for true safety

“Safety that works involves building a collection of small viable actions in a process that is ongoing and always changing. They all add up to what I call true safety.”

Lightning rods spark another idea

Around 40 years into the family-owned Independent Protection Company, Henry Cripe’s son Earnest hit on the idea of an expandable roof for the company vehicles to give his installers more standing room.

Busworld from Russia with love

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia played host to this year’s Busworld exhibition in a center on the banks of the Oka River.

Zen and the basics of fleet maintenance

I can say I have paid the price on more than a few occasions for neglecting to take care of business both before and after issues arose, but I am not impervious to the importance of preventative maintenance, and I am certainly trying to be more diligent.

Passenger Carrier Strike Force hits DC National Mall

Officials from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) were on hand today for a commercial bus and motorcoach checkpoint safety inspection on the National Mall in Washington, DC.