Collins Type-A propane-powered NexBus is in production

Meets all certifications for school transportation

The new propane-powered Type A bus from Collins Bus Corp, South Hutchinson, KS, recently completed the certification process and has gone into full production. According to the company, the NexBus Propane small school bus will be available under the Collins, Mid Bus and Corbeil brands. Demonstrator vehicles were shown at state and regional trade shows this summer.
“We are extremely proud of the work our alternative fuels team has done to develop, test and produce the first dedicated propane-powered Type A bus in the school bus market,” says Kent Tyler, President of Collins Bus Corp. “Going forward our commitment is to develop and fine tune alternative fuel options that will meet the needs of our diverse customer base.”
He says the NexBus Propane bus has met or exceeded all FMVSS certifications for school transportation, including the highest standards for fuel system integrity.
The engine developed in partnership with CleanFUEL USA, has obtained certification from both the U.S. EPA and the California Air Resources Board.
Collins also says the NexBus Propane bus, which is built on a dual rear wheel GM chassis, exhibits excellent cold weather starting, has an estimated range in excess of 300 miles and is available in capacities up to 32 passengers. BR