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Buses show fashionably at Transports Publics Paris

Every two years a public transport exhibition takes place in Paris. In previous years complete trams have been on display, but this year exhibitors keeping an eye on costs occupied only about half the previous floor space. Even so there were many interesting vehicles.

Go for the Wow! Factor

When she set out to establish her own motorcoach operations in 2003, Paulina Salen, president and CEO, Celebrity Coaches of America, Las Vegas, NV, was not about to settle for anything less than the Wow! Factor.

SunLine forges ahead on the road to hydrogen

February 19, 2010, as the sun was rising in the Coachella Valley, the SunLine Transit Agency staff, board members and members of the community were preparing to celebrate another milestone in the use of cutting edge alternative fueled vehicles

UTC Power fuel cell system sets record at AC Transit

UTC Power, South Windsor, CT, has set durability records for its latest generation transit bus fuel cell system. According to the company its PureMotion® Model 120 fuel cell powerplant aboard an Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) bus operating in the greater Oakland, CA, area has surpassed 7,000 hours in service with the original cell stacks and no cell replacements, and another has exceeded 6,000 hours.

Don’t be a BP

The ongoing oil tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico is the worst environmental disaster in our country’s history. While we will not know the ultimate cost and result of the spill for many years to come, the spill and the response by British Petroleum (BP) offer some lessons, or hopefully reinforce what we already know.

This could be the Summer of Safety

I surmise in another 40 years aging motorcoach operators will have long forgotten the sixties and free love but will remember 2010 as the Summer of Safety.

Clean is just good business

Going clean is the easiest and most cost effective way to attract and retain the best customers. A washed vehicle encourages drivers to drive safely and maintain the vehicle. Technicians are prone to take more time under a clean vehicle to perform the necessary preventative maintenance. Regular washing with an effective system extends the life of the bus and helps hold its value.

FMCSA awards $1 million in safety training grants

Seven community and technical colleges and two state government training facilities received a share of $1 million in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration grants to enhance behind-the-wheel safety training courses for students enrolled in commercial driver’s license (CDL) training programs

Harlow’s Trailways newest player on the team

With the addition of Harlow’s Trailways, Bismarck, ND, Team Trailways, Fairfax, VA, expands its Northern Great Plains Territory charter services.

Free shuttle to aid homeless in Kalaeloa, HI

To call attention to the plight of area homeless people Kalaeloa, HI is starting a free shuttle service to help the area’s poorest residents get around and reach its largest transit hub, which services nearby Honolulu.