Trailways’ Elsworth slams VANOC for late payments, inequities

Trailways President and CEO Gale Elsworth says serious inequities existed in overall service, treatment and conduct toward U.S. bus and coach operators and drivers during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. In a released statement Elsworth calls the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) to the carpet for being 150 days past due on payments to U.S. bus companies for “several millions” of U.S. dollars for work performed during the Olympics. Elsworth contends that VANOC is 130 days past due with payments for worked during the Paralympic Games. Elsworth adds that the failure of VANOC to pay U.S. companies during the continuing economic downturn has hampered transportation companies from retaining employees and employing others and has put a burden on companies who now face bank late fees and payment failures.

Other problems noted by Elsworth include substandard portions of food for drivers, numerous daily schedule changes that interfered with drivers’ rest periods, claims of drivers being asked to exceed their legal hours of operation and inconsistent hotel accommodations. In July, VANOC CEO John Furlong and other company leaders were busy working to get U.S. companies paid. Over a month ago all Canadian motorcoach companies that serviced the Olympic Games had been paid directly. More than 800 motorcoaches and transit buses driven by more than 1,200 U.S. drivers supported the Olympic Transportation System. For more, visit