Transportation Secretary LaHood ‘optimistic’ about Transportation Bill

A new commitment by the federal government to the nation’s infrastructure has received the backing of U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood. Speaking today at a national forum called “America’s Infrastructure at a Crossroads” in Washington, DC, LaHood addressed the urgent need the country faces with its crumbling infrastructure. LaHood said he was, quote, “more optimistic than ever” about the current Transportation Bill moving forward with lawmakers. LaHood said he would soon be meeting with President Obama to discuss what he called the administration’s “transformational vision” for improving the country’s infrastructure.

If passed, the far-reaching bill would address highways, bridges, public transportation and high-speed rail, and would essentially further regulate the movement of U.S. citizens. The bill addresses issues like health and safety, equity, economic growth and limiting harmful greenhouse emissions. For more, visit