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APTA applauds Congress for transportation bill agreement

Word on Friday that Congress had finally passed the long-delayed transportation bill brought praise from Michael Melaniphy.

Lawmakers compromise on transportation bill

The Senate and House have negotiated a deal on a much-debated transportation reauthorization bill that’s expected to pass by week’s end.

Bipartisan transportation bill to be unveiled Wednesday

Sources on Capitol Hill say that a deal is completed to pass a much-debated transportation authorization bill that’s been stalled between the House and the Senate.

Lawmakers hint at bipartisanship on transportation bill

A bipartisanship deal on the delayed and hotly debated $109 billion transportation bill could be in the works and completed by next week.

Republicans propose $51.6 billion transportation bill

On Wednesday House Republican lawmakers unveiled a $51.6 billion budget for the proposed new road and public transit spending bill.

Obama signs transportation bill extension; APTA applauds move

President Obama today put his signature on the transportation bill 90-day extension, funding Congress pass earlier this week.

House passes 90-day extension for transportation bill

Lawmakers today passed a 90-day extension to the current two-year, $109 billion transportation bill, which was to expire on March 31.

Obama calls out House on transportation bill

In his weekly address on Saturday, President Obama called on the House of Representatives to pass a bipartisan transportation bill.

Republicans to redo House transportation bill

House Republicans are reworking Speaker John Boehner’s signature energy-infrastructure package to lower the price tag, shorten the duration and eliminate a controversial provision on transit funding.

APTA urges Congress to pass transportation bill extension

The American Public Transportation Association is backing President Obama in his call on Congress to pass an extension to the transportation bill to continue funding for highway and mass-transit projects.