Obama calls out House on transportation bill

In his weekly address on Saturday, President Obama called on the House of Representatives to pass a bipartisan transportation bill that would repair crumbling roads and bridges and support construction jobs in communities all across America. According to a new report, 90 percent of these construction jobs are middle class jobs. The Senate

President Obama

passed the bill with the support of Democrats and Republicans because if the bill stalls in Congress then constructions sites will go idle, workers will have to go home, and our economy will take a hit.

Senate lawmakers passed the much-debated $109 billion, two-year bill to fund transportation infrastructure. The vote to pass was 74 to 22. The current transportation bill expires March 31. If a new bill is not passed, thousands of construction jobs could be put on hold.

“We have thousands of unemployed construction workers who have been looking for jobs since the housing market collapsed,” President Obama said. “But once again we’re waiting on Congress. In a matter of days funding will stop for all sorts of transportation projects. Construction sites will go idle; workers will have to go home. Our economy will take a hit. This Congress should not let this happen. The Senate did their part. They passed a bipartisan transportation bill that had the support of 52 democrats and 22 republicans. Now, it’s up to the House to follow suit, to put aside partisan posturing, end the gridlock and do what’s right for the American people.”