School bus crash leaves two dead, 50 injured

A morning accident involving a large tractor cab, a pickup truck and a pair of school buses carrying high school band members from St. James, MO, has left two dead and at least 50 injured.  The St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that one high school girl and the driver of the pickup were killed. More than 40 others have been rushed to hospitals in the St. Louis area. The accident occurred on Interstate 44 west of St. Louis. The cause of the accident is being investigated. The 8th to 12th-grade students were on their way to Six Flags amusement park in Eureka, MO.

According to KMOV-News, the Missouri Highway Patrol says the chain-reaction accident began when the pickup smashed into the truck from behind as the truck was slowing for road construction.  Then, the first school bus carrying girls collided with the pickup, which was then rear-ended by the second bus. For full story, visit