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FTA Administrator gets candid with transit leaders

Peter Rogoff says BRT as the more cost effective option According to the Washington Examiner, Federal Transit Administration Administrator Peter Rogoff had some very candid comments for the top public transit officials in a May speech he delivered in Boston. Noting that the future of public transportation in the U.S. is in jeopardy, he bluntly […]

CVSA mobilizes annual Roadcheck June 8-10

NAS Level 1 inspections conducted at 1,500 locations nationwide The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) is helping to mobilize thousands of roadside inspectors June 8-10, 2010 to send the safety message to commercial motor carriers and their employees: “Be accountable to yourself, your employer, and those you are sharing the road with to help in making sure all […]

Motorcoach flips on Garden State Parkway

Police point to driver fatigue as probable cause of early morning crash A charter motorcoach registered to Darkanu Bus Company, Brooklyn, NY, which serves the Hasidic Jewish community, was carrying about 22 people when it ran off the Garden State Parkway in Middletown, NJ, and flipped on its side early Wednesday morning around 5:30 a.m. […]

Bus tours are a hit with locals in their own backyard

The community of Catonsville, MD, proved in early May, a bus tour does not have to travel to far off destinations. Buses were a big hit when community leaders decided to give local residents a closer look at the nearby historical landmarks that have forged the community over the course of its 200-year history.

When the rub wears off the tire, where does it go?

The mechanical function of the tire casing is to contain the air pressure that supports the vehicle load, assure the function of the suspension by absorbing road irregularities, resist lateral drifting and centrifugal force, and transmit the torque necessary to move and stop the vehicle.

Boost to benefit package is now in jeopardy

Come December certain provisions of the American Recovery Act of 2009 will expire. The pre-tax $230 per month employee commuter benefit could revert to the former rate of $120 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows. Or… this temporary spike in the monthly limit will stand permanently as a cost of living increase.

Veolia and SFMTA operate a three-pronged system

One of Veolia Transportation’s unique paratransit operations is in San Francisco through a contract with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA).

Front tire failures can turn into a catastrophic event

During the summer months operators tend to focus attention on the A/C and cooling systems, and often overlook tire failure as a concern that deserves equal consideration—particularly on the steer axle.

The Caio G3400 is on the road

Caio North America, LLC, headed by Mark Middleton, is based in McDonough, GA, and distributes the 35-foot G3400 and 45-foot G3600 commercial buses, develops the North American market and initiates a parts and service network.