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The County Connection makes a green connection with Gillig and Voith

The County Connection operates fixed-route and paratransit bus service throughout geographically and demographically diverse communities in California

The Van Hool Double Deck accommodates all

dapted for the U.S. market, the ADA-compliant two-door vehicle stands 13-feet high — 18 inches taller than the standard motorcoach with seating for up to 81 passengers. Standard features include cameras, seatbelts and escape hatches, onboard restroom, rear stairs and luggage area.

Retrofitted seat belts could come at a price

Last year it became clear that the government would issue a seatbelt mandate for new motorcoaches. This would not come as a complete surprise to the industry given recent high profile fatal accidents involving ejections, and especially the motorcoach-specific crash testing NHTSA has conducted on the effectiveness of passenger restraints.

Notes from Busworld: Kortrijk banishes the gloom

Exhibits took up every square inch of available space at the 20th edition of Busworld held in Kortrijk, Belgium in October. Busworld Kortrijk is a truly global event. The 381 exhibitors from 27 countries that included 70 vehicle manufacturers saw the largest tented pavilion ever erected in Belgium. It allowed 20 percent more space than at any previous exposition.

Kansas City Transit crosses into the Green Zone

Sustainability, carbon footprint, and going green are buzzwords that are now woven into our daily lives. These catch phrases remind us of the impact going green really has on the public transportation industry.

Failsafe is not always failing to safety

Over the past several months I have had two experiences with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) that pointed to an unsafe condition both for the vehicle and the driver.

Best practices grow from downturn

Last year this column rang like a warning from Chicken Little, sounding the alarm for the inescapable recession coming down the pike and offering the good advice gleaned from industry leaders on how to brace for the year ahead.

FirstGroup America stresses world-class safety

Mike Murray, president and CEO, FirstGroup America, spoke at the National Safety Council 96th Congress and Expo in October in Orlando, FL, on the role of EHS in an economic downturn, and why companies cannot afford to downgrade safety programs in a recession. He says safety is fundamental to customer service and the value of human life never changes, regardless of current economic conditions.

E-mail newsletters extend the message

Marketers cannot jump on the social media bandwagon fast enough. Set up a Twitter account and start tweeting. Create a fan page on Facebook. Dust off the corporate blog and this time give it some real energy.

FMCSA raises safety requirements for new bus and coach entrants

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) New Entrant Safety Assurance Process rule took effect December 16, 2009. The rule requires newly registered truck and bus companies to meet stricter safety requirements.