Driver in NY crash has criminal record

The driver of the World Wide Tours bus that crashed early Saturday morning on I-95 in the Bronx, NY leaving 15 dead and others with injuries has prior arrests, including manslaughter. Also as the investigation continues, the driver’s story of the accident has come under suspicion. According to the New York Post, Ophadell Williams was charged in June 2003 with unlawful possession of radio devices, aggravated unlicensed operator and for driving with a suspended license. Prior to that, Williams was arrested for fare evasion in 1987, manslaughter in 1990 and grand larceny in 1997.

Meanwhile, investigators say Williams’ account that the bus was hit by a tractor-trailer just before the bus hit two poles and turned over is in question. The truck driver denies Williams’ explanation of the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board said it will view camera footage taken from inside the bus during the crash, and will analyze engine control instruments that could reveal how fast the bus was traveling at the time of the accident. For expanded coverage on this story in BUSRide, visit http//