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Air-purification systems transform onboard environments

Utilizing UVGI technology, operators and agencies can provide cleaner air, longer HVAC life BUSRide Maintenance recently spoke with experts from SanUVAire, makers of an indoor air purification and surface sanitization system, about the benefits of Ultraviolet C (UVC) on transit and motorcoach environments, as well as the maintenance and lifecycle savings operators can realize for […]

Rough Roads ≠ Rough Rides

By Joel Badskey As part of my job, I have had the opportunity to travel all over the United States and Canada. With that travel I have been afforded the opportunity to experience a variety of foods, a myriad of festivals, the incredible diversity of cultures, and more twists and turns of the English language […]

The critical role maintenance plays in your overall success

  Many types of bus and motorcoach claims, including – but not limited to – bus fires, are often preventable. And while company management reflexively looks to the vehicle’s driver as the major responsible party in most accidents, the scope of any comprehensive internal investigation regarding claim causation needs to include the maintenance department. With […]

Overcoming battery charging imbalance

By Brad Bisaillon With the emergence of advanced electrical systems in today’s bus designs, reliance on batteries to power them has become increasingly important. These continually evolving electrical subsystems are putting a tremendous strain on the batteries that power them, so effective management of the battery bank’s charge and discharge characteristics are imperative to extending […]

Operators can ask for help

ABC Companies manages the details through Fleet Assist.

Information is a power tool

Proper documentation requires better use of computers.

Batteries that deliver

BCI Group 31 AGM-VRLAs

Ventilation is key

Properly cleaning HVAC units is time consuming, but the payoff is well worth it.

5 steps to a stronger supply chain

Do these four scenarios sound familiar?

Brake check technology: real time, all the time

Electronic monitoring addresses the CVSA inspection standard.