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Information is a power tool

Proper documentation requires better use of computers.

Batteries that deliver

BCI Group 31 AGM-VRLAs

Ventilation is key

Properly cleaning HVAC units is time consuming, but the payoff is well worth it.

5 steps to a stronger supply chain

Do these four scenarios sound familiar?

Brake check technology: real time, all the time

Electronic monitoring addresses the CVSA inspection standard.

Air disc or drum, spec and maintain

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC regards brakes as the most fundamental vehicle safety system.

Not always about hard hits

These four experienced specialists equip their shops more than the average maintenance facility in preparation for the worst that can happen, but spoke with BUSRide about what else goes on in their shops.

Seven reasons to embrace hybridized energy storage

Advantages of pairing ultracapacitors with batteries outweigh the drawbacks By Brendan Andrews A number of factors in play for engineers considering hybridized energy storage may raise questions over the complexities and of increased costs for dual-storage systems. The electronics required for balancing separate batteries and ultracapacitors in one component may also be a concern. The […]

What operators need to know about Lumen ratings

Understanding the difference between raw and effective output is critical By Ryan Mayrand In LED lighting technology, Lumens are the standard unit of measure used to describe how well a light source will illuminate objects. Because operators typically rely on output to evaluate LED lights, many manufacturers prominently tout high lumen numbers on product literature. […]

Panel corrosion repair made easy

At Chicago Sightseeing Company we do everything we can to keep our motorcoaches for a 20-year life cycle, which means adhering to our strategy to keep our vehicles in safe and good condition. Panel corrosion will always be a situation we, like all operators, must face and repair. Over the years we have come up with an easy and perhaps obvious solution to this problem.