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What makes motorcoach insurance unique?

BUSRide’s ongoing series of interviews with Tim O’Bryan, president of Service Insurance Agency, Richmond, VA, now turns to the intricacies of motorcoach operators’ insurance, what makes it unique from other transportation insurance plans, and how adept the industry is at navigating its various pitfalls. You deal in all transportation modes – what do you notice […]

OSHA overview: maintenance pit injury prevention

By Owen McLean Maintenance pits are necessary for servicing your vehicles; however, there are many dangers associated with them that could pose a severe threat to the safety of your employees. Understanding the laws and regulations of OSHA can protect your employees and prevent costly accidents. According to OSHA Standard 1910.21(a)(2), a “floor opening” is […]

Ft. McMurray battles The Beast

Ft. McMurray battles The Beast Initially, my topic this month was the growing concern for how cruise control lulls drivers into a “zombie” state of mind. As I sat down to write, a much more eminent danger changed my mind. A run-of-the-mill brush fire in northern Alberta had suddenly grown out of control, as high […]

Driver Safety: What’s the true definition of safety?

This is the second article in the Driver Safety series by Jeff Cassell. For the first article, see page 17 of the January 2015 edition of BUSRide.

Driver Safety: Preparing drivers

By expanding and revamping its existing courses through Prevost’s support, the Academy’s launched the Prevost Preparatory School for Professional Motorcoach Drivers.

Turn and tail swing accident prevention techniques

Have you ever come close to making contact with an object or vehicle while turning? Are you aware of how wide the rear of the bus will go as it makes the turn?

How BISC spent the summer

The Bus Industry Safety Council keeps its finger on the pulse to help ensure a safer industry.

Detect and suppress

FMNA’s patented system identifies and attacks the “fire triangle.”

Terrapin Blue's first quarter success

Terrapin Blue improves operations with grant expertise, emergency preparedness and savvy digital marketing.