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collision repair

Collision Repair, Refurbishment and Remanufacturing

BUSRide Maintenance spoke with the following experts in the field of collision repair on when to outsource, special considerations, and potential risks and costs: Brad Field – president and Jeremy Wolin general manager – BRC Coach & Transit Mark Polzin – president – Budget Truck and Auto Jon Savitz – senior vice president, service operations […]

ABC Companies – Quality service built on a strong heritage

As highway coaches and transit buses continue to evolve with new technologies, enhancements and features, operators are faced with even greater challenges – specifically when it comes to the repair and maintenance of their equipment. Forming relationships with companies who possess a strong heritage, experience, and understanding of our industry can help you find solutions […]

How insurance affects your employees

    BUSRide recently spoke with Tim O’Bryan, president of Service Insurance Agency, to discuss the myriad ways in which insurance coverage affects public and private employees. In turn, he also spotlights the ways those employees can affect insurance coverage and premiums – for good and ill. How can employees affect the insurance coverage and […]

Achieve Unlimited Integration Possibilities with Open Architecture

In an interactive webinar presentation, Monica Marcos, marketing and sales specialist for Safety Vision, compares proprietary VMS solutions with open platforms, and the associated risks and benefits of investing in these video surveillance systems. What is proprietary software? Proprietary software is often referred to as closed software. It is a piece of computer software owned […]

MARTA runs clean with Westmatic

The Atlanta agency and Westmatic teamed to retrofit wash systems into two existing facilities, and install a system into a newly-built garage By Richard Tackett For the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) in 2015, replacing bus wash systems in its multiple maintenance locations was a matter of necessity. The systems at MARTA’s Perry and […]

APTA Board of Directors selects new president and CEO

In a unanimous vote today, the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) Board of Directors named Paul P. Skoutelas to serve as its new President and Chief Executive Officer effective January 8, 2018. Skoutelas has been a highly successful and respected national leader in the public transportation industry for more than 40 years. Skoutelas served as […]

MCI opens Bay Area Sales and Service Center

Motor Coach Industries (MCI), a U.S. subsidiary of New Flyer Industries Inc. (“NFI Group”), the largest transit bus and motor coach manufacturer and parts distributor in North America, builds safe, reliable and easy-to-diagnose motor coaches, each supported with industry-leading maintenance and repairs at its growing network of company-owned, factory-run sales and Service Centers across North […]

Three Ways to Cut Live Video Monitoring Costs

By Réal Barrière Transportation Product Manager, March Networks Click here for more information about this article! Advanced, real-time video surveillance is a critical part of protecting the public. When an incident occurs on a bus, live video monitoring lets you see what’s happening immediately, and enables you to share that video with police or other […]

MCI unveils the D45 CRT LE, a breakthrough in accessibility and commuter rapid transit

As commuters cover greater distances without the need – or desire – for automobiles, and communities look to build cost effective  transportation systems, MCI has unveiled a new Commuter Coach model to equip the future with comfort, environmental-efficiency and maximum accessibility for an increasingly diverse commuting population. MCI created the new MCI D45 CRT LE […]

Transign’s newest product packages offer unrivaled integration options

With public transportation in greater demand than ever before, Transign continues to lead the industry with innovative products and services. Transign’s newest product packages, the LED Destinator™ and LED EnCompass™, offer unrivaled integration options, as well as GPS connectivity and many other features. Transign’s smart bus solution, the LED Destinator EnCompass™, is a hands-free, fully […]