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Driver Safety: Preparing drivers

By expanding and revamping its existing courses through Prevost’s support, the Academy’s launched the Prevost Preparatory School for Professional Motorcoach Drivers.

UMA members have a winning day on Capitol Hill

Members of UMA took to Capitol Hill Thursday en masse to speak to their Congressional elected officials to discuss key MAP-21 issues affecting the motorcoach industry.

Terrapin Blue's first quarter success

Terrapin Blue improves operations with grant expertise, emergency preparedness and savvy digital marketing.

Interview only the best drivers

Scheig Associates’ solutions ensure that only superior applicants make it to the interview phase.

UMA and Scheig Associates partner for pre-employment testing

UMA has announced that it has partnered with Scheig Associates to provide discounted pre-employment performance testing to its members.

BUSRide honors Peter Shelbo, Tour West America at Travel Exchange

BUSRide presented the Motorcoach Industry Achievement Award to Peter Shelbo, president of Tour West America, at the 2013 UMA-NTA Travel Exchange.

NTA, ASTA convene second ‘Hispanics in Travel’ caucus

NTA and ASTA are hosting their second Hispanics in Travel Caucus on Jan. 22 in Orlando, FL.

ABA, UMA and NTA respond to convention questions from BUSRide

There was a bit of flare up among the ABA, UMA and NTA following an early discussion on the idea that all three might come together for one annual convention.

ABA: Talks with NTA and UMA dissolved over non-disclosure

Peter J. Pantuso, president and CEO of the ABA, today released the following statement in regards to a proposed joint trade show with UMA and NTA.

Motorcoach industry reacts to FMCSA crackdown

UMA’s Victor Parra sees the FMCSA’s crackdown today as a double-edge sword.