Interview only the best drivers

Scheig Associates’ solutions ensure that only superior applicants make it to the interview phase.

Scheig Associates, Gig Harbor, WA, was founded in 1980 by Dr. Richard F. Scheig. Scheig has developed over 80 job-specific hiring systems for companies in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia, serving the transportation, education, distribution, construction, healthcare, insurance, childcare, call center, banking and sales industries.

Scheig Associates began developing and marketing pre-employment systems in 1991, and that has since become the core of the company’s business.

According to Scheig, the company’s assessments identify an applicant’s future performance at an 88 percent accuracy rate.

Recently, the United Motorcoach Association (UMA) announced a partnership with Scheig Associates to provide discounted pre-employment performance testing to its members. UMA members will save 10 percent on Scheig Associates’ Motor Coach Works© Hiring & Performance System™ designed specifically for the motorcoach industry to identify, select and hire better, safer drivers.

Scheig’s the Motor Coach Works Hiring & Performance System is a three-phase system consisting of an online pre-employment assessment, behaviorally based interview questions and a performance evaluation.

UMA says it partnered with Scheig upon hearing from several association members of their satisfaction and success with Scheig’s hiring and employee performance solutions.

“The Scheig performance testing program has been a tremendous tool in helping Escot find the right employees,” said Brian Scott of Escot Bus Lines, Largo, FL, in a release. “I know it will help other operators be more successful in their hiring processes and I think it’s a great addition to UMA’s member programs.”

“We’re really excited to be able to offer a discount on our hiring and performance system to UMA members,” said Leslie Williams, national accounts manager with Scheig Associates, in the same release. “Through our extensive experience and proven track record with the motorcoach industry, we know we will become a valuable tool and asset for all UMA operators.”

Dr. Scheig says his assessments begin with a thorough job analysis of “superior performers.” These are employees (in this case, superior motorcoach drivers) whom companies have identified as the best of the best. Scheig says this ensures that new applicants are measured against the best employees currently doing the job. This ensures that only the best applicants make it to the job interview phase.

ReBEST-DRIVER-495x288aching out to transit
Scheig’s next project in the transportation industry involves creating a test for superior transit drivers. For this, he needs ten superior drivers selected from the nation’s transit agencies. These drivers, coupled with a modest down-payment, will spend a weekend helping Scheig Associates develop an assessment for the transit industry. The companies they represent will make their money back by receiving the product at a reduced price.

Dr. Scheig says his company is recognized for the accuracy and predictability of its assessments, stemming from the unique methodology that focuses on specific job behaviors which account for variances in productivity outcomes. With an unprecedented degree of accuracy, Scheig’s hiring and performance systems assist companies to hire, retain and develop the best possible employees.

Using innovative software-as a-service (SaaS) technologies, Scheig’s offered solutions include:

  • Job-specific behaviorally based hiring and performance systems
  • Human resource consulting
  • Behavioral job analysis
  • Selection process design
  • Entry and professional level assessments & hiring systems

Scheig’s employees are Ph.D. level social scientists, business and management consultants, software designers and service professionals collaborating to serve the business needs of the company’s clients. Scheig says they always strive to reflect the highest ethical standards with clients, forging long-term relationships built on appreciation, mutual respect and trust.