Terrapin Blue's first quarter success

Terrapin Blue improves operations with grant expertise, emergency preparedness and savvy digital marketing
By Ryan Kelly

Terrapin Blue, Athens, GA, has been very busy during the beginning of 2014.

Silver State Mainline
On June 1, 2014, Silver State Trailways launched the Silver State Mainline intercity fixed route service between Doyle, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. Terrapin Blue has been instrumental in the successful start up of the mainline service working with the Nevada Department of Transportation, Southern RTC, and Silver State Trailways. Terrapin Blue was tasked with developing NDOT 5311(f) intercity bus grants, marketing plans, start up strategies, and compliance requirements.




ECHO Transportation
ECHO Transportation received notice from the Texas Department of Transportation that it will receive a 5311(f) intercity bus grant to implement fixed route bus service between San Angelo and Fort Worth, TX. ECHO Transportation and Terrapin Blue will launch the service sometime in late 2014/early 2015.

Understanding the importance of long term strategic planning for successful intercity fixed route service, Terrapin Blue began working with ECHO well before the announcement of the availability of grant funding. This allowed ECHO Transportation ample time to conduct outreach with the communities along the proposed route and develop meaningful relationships with local transit agencies, city and county governments, and private businesses along the corridor.

Emergency preparedness
Emergency preparedness planning is currently being completed for Coach USA through a Federal Emergency Management Agency intercity bus security grant. The Terrapin Blue team is currently visiting Coach USA’s facilities and collecting the necessary data to develop and complete an online emergency preparedness plan. This plan will allow Coach USA personnel and first responders to respond effectively to emergency situations at Coach USA facilities and onboard their buses.

Terrapin Blue is also in the process of completing emergency preparedness plans for Badger Coaches, Northfield Lines, Trobec Bus Service, All Aboard America, Gotta Go Trailways, and Tour Coach to name a few.

Terrapin Blue is in the process of completing emergency preparedness plans for several motorcoach operations. Previously, the company formulated an emergency preparedness plan for DATTCO.
Terrapin Blue is in the process of completing emergency preparedness plans for several motorcoach operations. Previously, the company formulated an emergency preparedness plan for DATTCO.


Multimedia services
Terrapin Blue has been providing innovative media services during the first quarter of 2014 working with the United Motorcoach Association (UMA), National Tour Association (NTA), Lancer Insurance, Travel South, and Group Travel Family.

The team worked with UMA and NTA providing social media/video support services during Travel Exchange 2014 held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The team also filmed the Lancer Insurance UMA educational workshop during Travel Exchange, which is currently being edited by Lancer to be released for educational use.

Following Travel Exchange, the Terrapin Blue media team flew to Charleston, WV, and provided live event media services focused on social media distribution in real time while capturing all events on video for Travel South Domestic Showcase.

Next, the Terrapin Blue team was off to Huntsville, AL, to provide social media/video support services for the inaugural Group Travel Family Select Traveler Conference. Finally, the Terrapin Blue media team visited Windsor, Canada where social media/video support services were provided for the African American Travel Conference.

The Terrapin Blue media team is currently working with the International Motorcoach Group (IMG) developing a corporate video focused on the recent rebranding of the organization. The video will be used as a sales tool promoting IMG for business opportunities throughout the country.

Ryan Kelly serves as president of Terrapin Blue, Athens, GA.