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J.J. Keller offers new motorcoach-specific training programs

J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc. has developed two motorcoach-specific driver training programs.

19 motorcoaches placed out of service in quaker state

The Pennsylvania State Police recently participated in a five-day enforcement effort inspecting motor coaches.

Hearthside Grove sets the stage for motorcoach luxury

The quaint resort town of Petoskey, the surrounding waters of Little Traverse Bay, and the nearby luxury motorcoach resort Hearthside Grove make the northern tip of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula a popular destination for motorcoach travelers and tour operators.

On Obama’s watch, action increases against unsafe motorcoach companies

During the last two years of the Obama Administration, the FMCSA has issued as many imminent hazard orders placing unsafe bus and truck companies out of service as in the previous 10 years combined.

CVSA Roadcheck 2011 results in various violations

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Roadcheck 2011 in June performed nearly 80,000 bus and truck inspections at 2,550 locations across North America.

Paper: NHTSA undercounted motorcoach deaths

According to USA Today, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has undercounted the number of motorcoach fatalities.

S. 554: A bad bill for the motorcoach industry and the public

S. 554 will likely come before the Senate in the “lame duck” session which begins November 15. While the bill claims to enhance motorcoach safety, in reality it is a bad bill that can’t be made right. The industry was not asked to provide any input to the bill. It must not be passed by the Senate during the lame duck session.

Advice for smooth operators

I frequently receive compliments on my smooth driving. Smooth driving is no accident (no pun intended). It’s something I do very intentionally, very purposefully. And it’s not that difficult to do.

Changing trends detected in inbound travel to U.S.

The availability of cut rate international flights to the U.S. signals a new trend in tourism.

MCI achieves multi-facility ISO 9001:2008 certification

First corporate-wide certification for the company Motor Coach Industries (MCI), Schaumburg, IL, announced it received notification that its main manufacturing facilities operated by Motor Coach Industries Limited, Motor Coach Industries, Inc. and Frank Fair Industries Ltd, have been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification — the first corporate-wide certification for the company. The primary manufacturing facilities have […]