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Thoughts after the Megabus accident

My passengers have been talking nearly every day about the Megabus accident a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know any more about the accident than what I read in the papers and online, so I’m not in a position to make any judgments about what the driver did or didn’t do. But accidents like this serve as a reminder to all of us drivers that we have to be vigilant at all times when we’re behind the wheel.

Advice for smooth operators

I frequently receive compliments on my smooth driving. Smooth driving is no accident (no pun intended). It’s something I do very intentionally, very purposefully. And it’s not that difficult to do.

Three tools I won't leave home without

We all have certain items we take on our bus trips, especially those of us who do charter trips around the country. A couple of snacks, bottle of water, travel pillow for a nap and my camera are a few of my favorite things I almost always bring along.

Five tips for the new motorcoach driver

I’ve been driving motorcoaches for almost eight years. But I still remember when I was the “new guy.” Here are a few tips that might help all you new bus and motorcoach drivers as you ease into your wonderful new career — some that were shared with me and some I wish had been shared with me.