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MCI Service Centers offers free Federal DOT Inspections through June 5

ith a commitment to highway safety, MCI Service Centers will be offering free Federal DOT inspections from now until June 5.

J.J. Keller: Prepare for CVSA Roadcheck 2014, June 3-5

Carriers are about to have an excellent opportunity to improve their CSA scores with positive inspection results during Roadcheck 2014.

Operation Safe Driver Mobilization Week set for October 20-26

Takes aim at distracted driving and driving safely around trucks and buses.

Brake check technology: real time, all the time

Electronic monitoring addresses the CVSA inspection standard.

CVSA’s ‘Roadcheck’ targeting unsafe commercial drivers

The CVSA and its members across the United States, Canada and Mexico are aggressively enforcing compliance with commercial vehicle safety regulations.

Bus crashes bring CVSA to the forefront

Deadly bus crashes this year have made news headlines, thrusting bus safety into the forefront. At the same time the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has been shoved into the limelight as well.

CVSA’s Keppler answers bus industry critics

Lately officials at the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance have been on the receiving end of harsh criticism by a number of motorcoach operators wanting the agency to crack down on unsafe rogue curbside carriers.

CVSA’s Brake Safety Week approaches

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is highlighting the issue of poorly adjusted and malfunctioning air brakes as the organization prepares for Brake Safety Week, to be held September 12-18.

Inspectors win honors at CVSA awards presentation

Some 53 roadside inspectors from North America competed for top honors for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) North American Inspectors Championship, held August 2-8 in Columbus, OH.

CVSA RoadCheck 2010 shows lower out of service rate

Results from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) Roadcheck 2010 reveal the commercial motor vehicle industry is hovering close to the record low out-of-service (OOS) rates set during 2009.