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Eliminate head counts by hand tally

Technology is improving the ride for passengers and simplifying management tasks for transit operators at a very rapid pace. Wireless communication and embedded systems such as monitoring diagnostics and advanced GPS services are the new keys to improved bus capabilities.

VIA Metropolitan Transit prepares San Antonio for a multimodal future

It’s been a little over a year since I took over as president and CEO of VIA Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio. In that time we have made good progress toward making this transit agency a multimodal system.

Thoughts after the Megabus accident

My passengers have been talking nearly every day about the Megabus accident a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know any more about the accident than what I read in the papers and online, so I’m not in a position to make any judgments about what the driver did or didn’t do. But accidents like this serve as a reminder to all of us drivers that we have to be vigilant at all times when we’re behind the wheel.

Paying Attention To Driver Retention

Retaining capable bus and coach drivers has always been a major challenge for motorcoach operators. In today’s travel market, however, retaining safe and qualified drivers is no longer enough. The most competent drivers also serve efficiently and effectively as safety experts, schedulers, technicians, ticket-takers, baggage handlers and customer service representatives.

LaHood releases seat belt safety reports

Two new reports by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveal that more than 72,000 lives were saved between 2005 and 2009 due to seat belt use.

NTSB to investigate deadly Beltway bus accident

A bus crash Wednesday on Interstate 270 Capital Beltway in Bethesda, MD that left the bus driver dead and nearly a dozen injured is being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Micro Bird G5 vehicle launched at BusCon

Micro Bird Inc. used BusCon to launch the G5, a new ROUSH liquid-propane powered duel rear wheel drive vehicle.

Navistar’s IC Bus unveils new shuttle bus

IC Bus debut its first fully integrated AC Series small shuttle bus today at the Navistar Engine Plant in suburban Chicago.

MPTA names university Transit System of the Year

The Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA) has named the University of Minnesota’s Parking and Transportation Services as the Transit System of the Year.

MCI to unveil modernized Greyhound at BusCon

Attendees at this week’s BusCon show in Chicago will get an up-close viewing of Greyhound’s new MCI-model D4505.