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COTA plans for future

COTA intends to maximize current transit service for a solid foundation.

FROM THE EDITOR – Survey says: Grow [up] America; Part Deux

On the day President Obama spoke to the economic benefits of boosting travel within the United States, Dow stated that unfortunately, as it stands, our infrastructure cannot handle even the existing demand on travel.

NTI praises Dallas, Denver and Los Angeles’ MAX program

As partners, three major agencies create a model program to promote best practices.

BYD showcases all-electric transit

California Governor Jerry Brown helps BYD unveil state’s first ever long-range electric bus factory in Lancaster.

From the Editor: Grow (up) America; it’s time to rebuild

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx has sent the Obama Administration’s long-term transportation bill, titled Grow America, as the House and Senate face looming deadlines.

Yavapai-Apache Transit connects Central Arizona

Though its primary purpose is to provide transportation for tribal members between Camp Verde and Clarkdale in this stretch of central Arizona known as the Verde Valley, the anxiously-awaited Yavapai-Apache Transit will serve as a vital link for all the residents in this region.

CTFastrak to change the rider experience in central Connecticut

BRT systems like the CTfastrak system offer a high-quality rapid transit experience that is gaining in popularity for ease-of-use, speed and frequency of service, and incorporation of the latest technology and passenger amenities.

Stay ahead of the curve

Q’Straint’s QRT-360 securement meets a WC18 requirement that goes into effect December 2015.


Vix eO provides additional payment options for UTA riders.

Belo Horizonte moves to the beat of BRT

Belo Horizonte, Brazil’s third largest city, now ranks among the growing number of cities around the world that are bringing high-quality sustainable transit to its citizens.