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How reliable is your service?

When a customer waits at a bus stop, what is their expectation of when the bus will arrive?

Total Transit evolves virtual Dial-a-Ride service

Total Transit has been providing transportation services throughout the Southwest for 30 years.

TransIT: When is a passenger a passenger? – It depends

Why is it so difficult to get an accurate number of passengers in a given transit system? Have you ever sought the total number of passengers and received more than one answer? Such responses do not instill confidence.

TAPS grows paratransit in Texas

As a father of two, I often get the question, “Dad when am I going to be big enough to do…” whatever they are watching on the Disney channel the time. I have wondered much the same for us when I consider how TAPS began from a small and mostly rural agency.

BYD expands and moves forward

As AVTA’s new bus outperforms expectations, BYD turns its attention to disadvantaged businesses BYD Motors, Lancaster, CA, one of China’s largest companies, is making waves in California – both with their battery-electric buses and community outreach. ————————————————————————————————————————————— YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Alex Clifford appointed as CEO/general manager of Santa Cruz Metro COTA plans for future […]

San Diego public transit comes of age

Necessity has definitely made all of us inventive in the transit industry.

Small Bus Showcase

Small and midsize buses, the unsung workhorses of passenger transportation, comprise the largest vehicle segment in the bus industry.

FROM THE EDITOR: HTF is safe for now as the industry goads Congress

Everyone appears relieved but underwhelmed by the outcome.

VCTC equips, empowers and keeps Ventura County on the move

By Darren Kettle
Executive Director
Ventura County Transportation Commission

Bridj lives and breathes direct service

Boston-area commuters get a taste of a new way to get across town.