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New 360° camera technology expands surveillance possibilities

By Steven Winnefeld The technology of 360° cameras, otherwise known as omnidirectional cameras, has been rapidly evolving over the past few years.  The applications for this technology are readily apparent, coming quickly into use in photography, mapping streets and video conferences.  Now this technology has matured, leading to 360° cameras with smaller, more compact enclosures […]

Emerging technologies enable driver and passenger safety

By Paola Realpozo As emerging, cloud-based technologies continue to enable higher levels of safety for bus drivers and passengers, it’s time for transit and coach operators to step up with “always-on” mobile broadband service to further enhance the connected bus. Here are several safety-related reasons to choose a connected bus. Today’s technology helps provide real-time […]

The Rapid comes full circle with Avail Technologies

By Richard Tackett The Rapid operates fixed route, demand-response and car and vanpooling programs among other services in the Grand Rapids, MI, area. Although the relationship between the agency and Avail Technologies isn’t young, it’s managing to yield its most incredible results yet. Initial contact Avail Technologies, State College, PA, began work with The Rapid […]

Open architecture and system integration

Open architecture and system integration Avail Technologies, State College, PA, is an intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions provider for transit operators in the United States, specializing in CAD/AVL solutions for fixed route and paratransit. In an interview with BUSRide, Rick Spangler, chief technology officer at Avail Technologies, answers a few critical questions about open architecture […]

Enhancing driver visibility – removing the blind spot

Enhancing driver visibility – removing the deadly blind spot By Lori Jetha Every vehicle has blind spots, but transit vehicles are particularly vulnerable to blind spots due to their size and composition.  On a transit bus, blind spots not only impair driver visibility but often lead to deadly (and costly) collisions. Improving driver visibility can […]

Choosing the right in-vehicle surveillance system

Mobile technology is taking video surveillance to new frontiers, and challenging professional applications are demanding new technology requirements, from enhanced durability, to wireless connectivity and improved onboard power management.

TransIT: Are we planning for poor performance?

With the technology available today, the transit industry has more data than ever to help plan productive and efficient service.

Connected travel on the rise

A new study by DePaul University’s Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development reveals the use of personal electronic devices on city-to-city trips continues to rise sharply.

Safety through information delivery

MiX Telematics solutions promote a company culture of safety.