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E-mail newsletters extend the message

Marketers cannot jump on the social media bandwagon fast enough. Set up a Twitter account and start tweeting. Create a fan page on Facebook. Dust off the corporate blog and this time give it some real energy.

Daimler keeps its faith in fuel cells

The many innovations at the UITP conference and exhibition in June in Vienna, Austria, may have overshadowed the significance of the latest generation of fuel cell bus from Mercedes-Benz.

Transit cranks up the twittering machine

I am all for communicating thoroughly in as few words as possible, but I do not twitter. Think haiku poetry in which the form reduces the keenest observation to its purest 17 syllables.

Put away the pens and paper

In this day and age, computer software programs to manage fleet maintenance and safety are shop imperatives. Granted, an extremely organized mechanic armed with reams of paper, a filing cabinet and a limited workload can create

Video surveillance is a fact of life

Electronic surveillance in public spaces is a fact of life. In response to increased violence, abnormal passenger behavior and inattentive driving, anyone anywhere could be watched or recorded by cameras, holding all accountable.

Hackers discover flaws in smart cards

“Hacking into a smart card system or counterfeiting access cards is not easy, not everyone is an MIT student. The equipment may be cheap, but this process involves a high level of expertise… It is just not that simple.”