Safety through information delivery

MiX Telematics solutions promote a company culture of safety

By Richard Tackett

For MiX Telematics, Boca Raton, FL, a comprehensive company culture of safety is paramount to road safety. To that end, the fleet and mobile asset management provider offers a full suite of driver safety solutions that goes beyond simply monitoring driver behavior.




While many companies offer video solutions to capture unsafe events like speeding or a hard braking, MiX tries a different approach to driver safety.

“We want to create a culture of safety,” says Brian McCoy, VP of Business Development at MiX Telematics. “It’s just as important to recognize and reinforce safe driving behaviors as it is to mentor a driver after an unsafe event.  By tracking driver behavior scoring trends, we can identify the strengths and weakness of each driver over time. With this trend we are able to tailor a training program and identify which training method works best for each driver. “

Those training programs can be in the form of classroom instruction, a commentary drive or even online training modules.

MiX services include monitoring driving habits, error reporting, live incident analysis, driver training and safety consulting. Standard services include driver scoring, driver I.D. and vehicle access control. Driver certification management and consulting are optional.

“We set ourselves apart with how well we do at going beyond safety monitoring,” McCoy says. “We take it to the next level and come up with a full coaching plan to modify bad behavior, so that it doesn’t end in any type of crash or incident.”

Driver reporting

Brian McCoy, VP of Business Development at MiX Telematics
Brian McCoy, VP of Business Development at MiX Telematics

MiX’s solution comes with an onboard computer and optional in-cab display or video camera, meant to correct unsafe driver behavior the moment it occurs.

FM-Web RAG Scoring Reports Suite
MiX’s FM-Web RAG Scoring Reports Suite records driver-related events like over-speeding, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration in Red, Amber, or Green categories in its self-generated reports. McCoy says this allows for managers to correct driver behavior on a case-by-case basis and trend analysis.

“Rather than send a bunch of speeding alerts to managers, we’ve taken it to another level and actually do driver scoring, ranking behaviors in the three categories,” McCoy says. “We not only detail those behaviors in reports, along with all of the exact GPS tracking, but we offer the next step and figure out how best to implement driver training and driver incentives.”

Driver I.D.
The driver tag can restrict vehicle access and identifies drivers to the vehicle. This allows managers to match the safety event to the right driver.
“A lot of other systems don’t have the ability to identify the driver,” McCoy says. “How can I begin to modify driver behavior without knowing who was driving the vehicle?”

The FM-Web RAG Scoring Reports Suite records driver-related events in Red, Amber, or Green categories.
The FM-Web RAG Scoring Reports Suite records driver-related events in Red, Amber, or Green categories.

MiX SafeDrive
With the SafeDrive platform, MiX sends certified trainers and consultants out to lead safety courses for clients’ drivers. These courses are tailored to a specific client’s operation, relevant to behaviors identified in the driver reporting system.

MiX says its training programs focus on driver awareness, incorporating hazard and risk identification through proactive vision and modification of driving behavior, as well as sound perception and risk analysis.

“We also do defensive driving, even in motorcoaches,” McCoy says. “We’re able to offer a full solution, instead of just the technology. We provide coaching on the backend on what’s best to do, but if the clients are incapable of correcting the behavior themselves or make a request to have a trainer onsite, we’ll send our trainers out to the clients.”

McCoy says that SafeDrive avoids teaching from a skills-based perspective, preferring instead to educate drivers about various potential hazards.

“We want to make sure that we’re coaching them and instituting an always-conscious state,” he says. “We give commentary drives and we allow drivers to do a hazard perception.”

Perhaps most importantly, MiX Telematics tailors its solutions to be completely scalable.

“All of our programs are tailored to the client’s vehicles and fit for purpose,” McCoy says. “We get to the heart of what’s wrong with any sized operation, correcting behavior with comprehensive information delivery.”