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APTA: Transit saving passengers $830 this month

The American Public Transportation Association’s September Transit Savings Report shows people who switch from driving to public transit can save on average up to $830 this month.

Study: Public transit forced to raise fares

A new report by the American Public Transportation Association finds that nearly 80 percent of public transit systems have already implemented fare increases or service cuts in 2010 or are considering them for the future because of flat or decreased local and/or regional funding.

Melaniphy named new APTA President, CEO

The American Public Transportation Association’s board of directors has named Michael P. Melaniphy as its new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective Nov. 1.

APTA: Proposal underfunds transportation systems

APTA President William Millar says the current six-year, multi-modal surface transportation authorization bill is woefully short of what is required to address the nation’s transportation infrastructure needs.

Millar: Transit terror threat remains

American Public Transportation Association President William Millar is calling on Congress to increase transit security funding.

APTA: Transit seeing upsurge in ridership due to fuel costs

Rising fuel prices are pushing more people to use public transit.

High gas prices prompt transit savings

American Public Transit Administration says transit customers can now save nearly $10,000 a year or $825 a month by using transit.

Report: Transit funding influences employment numbers

A new report hints at a link between economic growth and investment in public transportation.

APTA: Middle class could face increased commuting costs

The American Public Transportation Association believes middle class American will face increased commuting costs of Congress does not act to extend the transit commuter benefit by the end of the year.

Public transit a winner at the polls

Funding for public transit was a big winner at the ballot box on Tuesday.