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How to knock out any roundabout

  Roundabouts are becoming more common throughout the United States, replacing the traditional intersection. They move traffic one-way in a counterclockwise direction, at slower speeds, and create fewer conflict points for potential incidents. Although some motorists appear perplexed when approaching a roundabout, many of the same general rules regarding intersections apply. When approaching a roundabout, […]

Four JTA drivers suspended for invalid licenses

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority has suspended four drivers after discovering they did not have valid driver’s licenses.

Toronto bus passengers urged not to take photos

The Toronto Transit Commission is urging riders to stop trying to get so-called gotcha moments showing wrongdoing.

New contract could end six-figure pay for Madison bus drivers

Madison city officials and union representatives agreed to a three-year contract that would prohibit senior drivers from making large sums of money by monopolizing overtime hours.