Riley Bus & Tours marks its 80th year with a brand new 2019 MCI J4500 coach

Motor Coach Industries (MCI), a U.S. subsidiary of NFI Group Inc., builds reliability and luxury amenities into its J4500 model so that operators like Riley Bus & Tours can pamper its passengers with every ride.

The Murdock, MN-based family-owned company recently took delivery of a 2019 MCI J4500, bringing its fleet to four J4500 coaches no older than model year 2015.

The 2019 MCI J4500 features industry-leading legroom and a maximum 60-seat passenger configuration following its interior redesign in 2018. “In the past, we’ve ordered our J4500s with seating for 50 or 52 passengers since we need the legroom on charters for our local university that includes its athletic programs,” said owner Kevin Riley, who represents the third generation of the family to run the business.

On his new 2019 J4500 coach, Riley went with a 56-passenger configuration because of models more spacious cabin. He also added the model’s new optional rear window and RGB variable lighting packages that light up the interior in a variety of hues “for a coach that offers our passengers a top-of-the-line good looking interior,” he said.

Riley also added MCI’s high-tech optional Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) available with Bendix Fusion. It’s a collision mitigation system that adds a windshield-mounted, forward-facing camera and object recognition software to further identify moving and stationary objects, lane markings, road signs in addition to a 360-degree camera that provides a bird’s-eye view around the entire coach to assist with small maneuvers.

“All four of our coaches go from coast to coast,” said Riley. “Having new coaches helps assure safety and reliability out on the road. We also do quarterly safety training for our 15 drivers. Many are retired but still want to tour the United States and they are very patient and road sensible. You’ve got to do things right when your name is on the side of the coach.”

Another desirable service for the Twin Cities’ big baby boom population are Riley’s tour packages to seasonal destinations such as Florida and Arizona during the winter months and summer trips to Alaska that come with Travel Insured’s Group Deluxe Protection Plan for each traveler on most tours. Plus, Riley will even pick up a traveler at their homes if it’s too difficult to meet the schedule departure location and the company offers a 5% discount on their first booked tour.

In 1939 Riley’s Grandparents started the businesses with school buses to serve the Murdock School District 7. In the 1970s, their daughter and son-in-law, Helen and Glenn Riley, purchased the business with their son Kevin who became a partner in the 1980s and purchased the company in 1996. MCI’s relationship with the company dates to their first MC-7s in 1981 with many more MCIs to follow.

Today, in addition to its four J4500 coaches, Riley operates one modern luxurious mini-coach, and continues to serve its district with six school buses.

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