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Valley Metro goes with NextRide

Valley Metro, Phoenix, AZ, has taken the guess work out of arrival times for its buses and light rail. The agency is installing new NextRide signs at each of its 7,465 bus stops and light rail stations through January 2012. The Valley Metro Customer Service says its call center receives more than 8,000 calls per […]

NJ Transit Access Link is in good hands

Operated under contract by First Transit, NJ Transit’s Access Link program offers transportation options for customers.

Pace shifts paratransit riders to fixed route service

The fixed costs of transporting customers as opposed to fixed route service mitigate the unpredictable nature of costs to operate paratransit caused by its demand-based structure.

Shelter builders excel in attention to critical issues

Mass transit market Austin Mohawk, a long-time shelter manufacturer based in Utica, NY, prides itself on what it calls its deep bench of structural engineers. Austin Mohawk President John Millet says it surprises his team to see requests from mass transit organizations include very thorough specifications of the shelter product but make no mention of […]

APTA EXPO 2011 is a must-do

What exactly can a private motorcoach operator expect to gain by attending the world’s largest trade show for public transportation?

Fuel costs creating dilemmas for agencies, operators

Instability in the Middle East this spring has had an obvious affect on fuel prices in North America — similar to what was experienced three years ago in the summer of 2008. With the cost of a barrel of oil nearing the $110 mark and a gallon of diesel now over four dollars, public transit agencies and private motorcoach owners are dealing with rising fuel costs and the influx of new riders.

Apollo Trolley makeover lends vintage appeal

Partnering with Gillig Corporation in 2004, Cable Car Classics developed its break-through, low-floor heavy-duty trolley-style bus at the insistence of Valley Transit, Walla Walla, WA.

CTTransit debuts articulated, hybrid-electric buses

Customers of Connecticut Transit now have a fleet of new state-of-the-art hybrid electric and articulated buses to ride on.

Bus maintenance roadeos gain popularity

While a sluggish economy has adversely affected budgets for many motorcoach associations and transit companies, bus and mechanic roadeos are still flourishing around the U.S.

Superbus like no other makes Dubai debut

Aerospace technology combines with Formula 1 technology to create the lightweight Superbus.