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Prevost Celebrates 100 Years

Prevost’s origins start in 1924, when Eugene Prevost, a cabinet maker specializing in the production of church pews and school furniture, received a commission to build his first wooden coach body and mount it on a new REO truck chassis. Thirteen years later, the company built its first bus manufacturing facility in 1937. Within a […]

E Ink and Luminator Introduce Revolutionary On-Board and In-Station ePaper Signage

E Ink Corporation, the world-renowned developer of ePaper technology, and leading transit technology experts Luminator Technology Group are working together to bring a dynamic low-power display solution to the North American transit industry. With a global headquarters in Taiwan and a U.S. base in Billerica, Massachusetts, E Ink produces a unique kind of digital display. […]

Prevost’s H3-45: One Year Later

A year after its debut in Orlando, Campbell Bus Lines is Running a Fleet of H3-45s One year ago, at the United Motorcoach Association’s (UMA) Motorcoach EXPO, Prevost unveiled the all-new, restyled H3-45. The coach featured a brand-new appearance, as well as improved aerodynamics, increased driver and passenger visibility, a more dynamic driver’s cockpit, reinvigorated […]

The ATL: On the Road Toward Fleet Electrification with Heliox

The Atlanta-region Transit Link Authority (the ATL) has made a major push toward fleet electrification. Seeking to be good stewards of Georgia taxpayers’ dollars, the agency found that its fleetwide vehicles are currently achieving 5.05 miles per gallon. The ATL conducted an exploration of the costs involved and found that it could achieve appreciable operational […]

CATS and Q’STRAINT Pioneer Team-Driven Accessibility with C3-SPACE

Serving a ridership of nearly 10 million riders annually in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area, Mecklenburg County and surrounding areas, the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) strives daily to meet the varying needs and ADA requirements of its riders. Q’STRAINT, with a mission to offer innovative solutions, seeks to ensure equal safety levels for all riders. […]

Dutchess County Public Transit Will Empower its Bus Maintenance Team with AI Technology

Preteckt, a Hamilton, Ontario-founded, Memphis-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, has secured a commercial agreement with Dutchess County Public Transit (DCPT). By harnessing the latest cloud and AI technologies, Preteckt’s AI-powered predictive maintenance can detect issues in buses before they become progressively worse and empowers bus maintenance teams with precise repair plans to ensure safer and […]

Accelerating the Electrification of Public Transportation

Fasten your seatbelt – the journey to sustainable public transport is here. Rapid urbanization, growing passenger numbers, and the journey to reduced CO2 emissions have accelerated the need for sustainable mobility. Greener, cleaner, and quieter public transport modes can be scaled across cities and regions with innovative solutions in electrification and digitalization. The time to […]

Quickstart Guide to Transit Bus Electrification

Public transportation has always been an invaluable resource, not only for providing reliable, affordable mobility to the communities that need it most, but also in helping reduce the need for passenger vehicles in areas already congested with traffic and exhaust fumes. Now that electric vehicle (EV) technology has reached a point where even a 40-foot […]

StanRTA Enhances Rider Experience and Dispatch Capabilities with Avail Technologies’ ETMS

The Stanislaus Regional Transit Authority (StanRTA) was formed in 2021 to consolidate two transit systems that operated in Stanislaus County – Modesto Area Express (MAX) and Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT). Today, the consolidated StanRTA operates a fleet of 130 vehicles providing 2.3 million trips annually. Serving primarily California’s Stanislaus County, including the city of Modesto […]

Bus Collisions: Repair, Replace, or Outsource?

One of the most difficult decisions operators must make is if a collision bus should be repaired or replaced. It is never an easy process, and many variables must be considered. The three main driving variables are the extent of the damage, cost of repairs and the age of the bus. The bus must be […]