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3 Ways to Know You’ve Chosen the Right Fleet Management Platform Provider

Leveraging the power of connected data, a smart fleet management platform can truly transform how your fleet makes critical business decisions by uncovering hidden costs and efficiencies, tracking and securing assets (and children in transit), and monitoring driver performance and safety. However, implementing a fleet management solution across your entire fleet is a major investment. […]

The Frontrunner Revolutionizes the Cutaway Bus

Cutting-edge lowered floor technology, fuel efficient V6 engine, and a lightweight yet strong and durable composite body structure make the Frontrunner the greenest alternative to electric and the most technologically advanced purpose-built cutaway available in the market today.  Paul LaRose – President / CEO   Since its development in 2016, the purpose-built, low-floor Frontrunner minibus […]

NCRTD Tests LiquidSpring: Better Maintenance, Smoother Rides

After running a LiquidSpring-equipped bus on a comparative test route for almost four years, New Mexico’s North Central Regional Transit District (NCRTD) is continuing to see satisfying results. NCRTD is a rural New Mexico transit agency which services an area of 10,079 square miles, including the counties of Los Alamos, Taos, Rio Arriba, and Santa […]

Creative Carriage Keeps Passengers Safer with Antimicrobial Copper

Founded in 1988 and based in Ontario, Canada, Creative Carriage is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles, specializing in custom, low-floor van conversions and consistently working to innovate with vehicle designs while raising the bar for industry safety. From early on, the Creative Carriage team has taken a proactive role in the […]

Don’t Stop Cleaning and Disinfecting…

After two long years of fear and mandates, everyone is looking to go back to the way things were before COVID. But it is critical to remember that COVID taught us that we were grossly unprepared when it came to cleaning and disinfecting practices. First and foremost, we were reminded that regular cleaning and disinfecting […]

BUSRide Remembers Bill Luke

  Historian, author, and founder of BUSRide Magazine, William A. Luke – known around the industry as Bill Luke – is being remembered for his memorable life and awesome contributions to the world of transportation. Bill passed on Jan. 23 at age 97 in Spokane, Washington. In addition to his roles as BUSRide founder and […]

Antimicrobial Copper is a Game-Changer Against Bacteria

    While many onboard sanitization and disinfection solutions focus on airborne bacteria or surface cleaning, a new, but time-tested technology is making its way into public transit.  Aereus Technologies, via a partnership with Olin Brass, is producing and distributing the CuVerro Shield™ alloy technology, a solid functional surface layer of antimicrobial copper alloy which […]

Let’s Get Excited About the Humble Bus

Transit advocate Gil Penelosa is famous for his quip that “An advanced city is not a place where the poor move about in cars, rather it’s where even the rich use public transportation.” Yet, many communities hold the perception that the humble bus is a last resort only for people who cannot afford a car. […]

SALUS and PURE Bioscience Introduce Hard Surface Disinfectant for Bus Travel

In a post-COVID environment, cleanliness on transit buses and motorcoaches has become a paramount concern for transportation professionals. Disinfecting should no longer be a reactionary response due to “spikes in COVID cases,” but become part of a daily routine. It is critical for vehicles to be disinfected regularly, in a safe, and effective manner, to […]

Trinity Metro Centralizes Fleet Management with Vontas TransitMaster

Trinity Metro, serving Fort Worth, Texas, and the surrounding Tarrant County, operates fixed-route bus services, TEXRail, ZIPZONE services, ACCESS paratransit, vanpools and Trinity Railway Express (a joint operation with Dallas’s DART). In mid-2021, Trinity Metro began a search for a centralized system to help increase the productivity of its fleet and help maintain the fleet […]