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Get full value for school bus insurance

The typical independent school bus contractor essentially has two customers: the contracting school system and the parents of the pupils being transported. This makes the claim process much more complex as the school bus carrier must consider the needs and requirements of both groups.

IC Bus customization pushes the envelope

IC Bus™, Warrenville, IL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar, Inc, says it is working to meet a widening range of customer needs and preferences for vehicle customization. The company sees its orders becoming more specific as the bus industry continues to evolve, noting growing demand for applications that stretch beyond conventional bus and coach service.

Lightning rods spark another idea

Around 40 years into the family-owned Independent Protection Company, Henry Cripe’s son Earnest hit on the idea of an expandable roof for the company vehicles to give his installers more standing room.

Made you look!

Graphic wraps on buses and motorcoaches also present a moving message. Past winners of the annual BUSRide MotorVision Competition are proof enough. It is that time of year again for BUSRide readers to nominate and post their best and the brightest rolling billboards, moving murals and free-wheeling creativity.

Oh for the love of a road trip

Oh for the love of a road trip, that American tradition following WWII when the family would pile into the automobile and hit the road just to see what they could see. Of course the art of sightseeing really kicked into gear once motorcoaches took the two-lane roads through America’s small towns and diverse topography.

Go for the Wow! Factor

When she set out to establish her own motorcoach operations in 2003, Paulina Salen, president and CEO, Celebrity Coaches of America, Las Vegas, NV, was not about to settle for anything less than the Wow! Factor.

The more something changes, the better it gets

Sometimes it is okay if important changes are not so noticeable. At least this is the case for alterations made to the 2010 Orion VII transit bus by Daimler Buses North America (DBNA), Greensboro, NC. The next iteration made its debut in Cleveland, OH, in May during the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Bus & Paratransit Conference.

SmartFrame technology a fit for survival

This summer the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will issue its proposed rulemaking on seatbelts and motorcoach safety. NHTSA conducted its own barrier crash test in 2007 and drew its conclusions from a series of sled tests with different style belted and unbelted seats and securement systems.

Best Terminals & Depots in North America

Before passengers board and the buses roll, the experience begins at the terminals and depots. The 2011 BUSRide Best Terminals & Depots in North America Competition puts this sector of the industry front and center. BUSRide.com wants you to submit your photographs and conceptual renderings and vote for your favorite points of departure. This competition will showcase the grander vision for public transportation. From curbside shelters and kiosks to towering edifices, current bus terminal and depot architecture and design marries aesthetics with urban needs. Nominate your favorite and vote often!

Platinum, Gold and Bronze differentiate the IC Bus HC Series

IC Bus, Warrenville, IL, says its stylishly designed HC Series commercial buses offer all the luxury and comfort with the functionality typically found in larger buses.