Autobus Chevrette equips new H3-45 to serve new corporate clients

Autobus Chevrette of La Tuque, Quebec took delivery in April of two 56-passenger 2019 Prevost H3-45 model coaches.

M. Raymond Chevrette originally founded the company to provide school transportation services in and around La Tuque. In 1986, Hélène Pitre purchased Autobus Chevrette and while she continued with the school bus routes, her goal was to eventually provide additional bus and coach services in the surrounding area.

Claude Bédard, Pitre’s son-in-law, stepped in nearly five years ago to manage the company and expand the business to include student transport for extracurricular functions and events. As vice president of Autobus Chevrette, he most recently initiated coach service for several private corporations in the forestry and hydroelectric sectors operating near La Tuque. This move meant introducing new motorcoaches into the fleet of school buses and older Prevost motorcoaches.

Where the H-Series has always been known for striking curb appeal, Bédard said his customers are especially impressed with the plush interior and smooth, comfortable ride.

Considering how and where the new coaches will be put to work, Prevost took a closer look at what it could do for Autobus Chevrette to protect the exterior of the new coaches in the rugged driving conditions. Learning the new H3-45s will be in use on dirt and gravel roads transporting employees working deep within the regional forests, Prevost advised the company to go with Line-X coating to preserve the exterior paint and graphics while driving on gravel roads, a skid-pan to protect the engine and metal grills installed at the factory to protect the sealed lamps and fog lights.

Bédard said these new H3-45s mark the next phase for Autobus Chevrette as it reaches out to attract new corporate clients and ready its facilities for further expansion.