ABC Delivers 20 New Van Hool CX45 Coaches ECHO AFC Transportation

Expanding his fleet with new equipment models is key to market success for leading Texas ground transportation provider and longtime ABC customer, John Ferrari, President and CEO of ECHO AFC Transportation. A market leader with headquarters based in Houston, Texas recently took delivery of 20 new Van Hool coaches over a 2-month period.

The new Van Hool CX45 coaches have been built to customer specifications designed to reflect ECHO AFC Transportation’s luxury brand image and reputation for a highline passenger experience. With 2019 business projections soaring ahead of expectations, Ferrari attributes fleet revitalization as a major factor in the company’s growth and brand building efforts.

“Catering to our customers’ preferences influences the way we spec our equipment and the feedback has been exceptional about the sleek and spacious cabin look on these new coaches,” Ferrari said.

The company leverages a variety of options to please passengers. The recently delivered coaches feature ECHO AFC Transportation’s custom black on black reflective graphics and paint scheme, with a range of interiors – some with leather insert seating and modified parcel racks, some with contoured parcel racks and others with wheelchair lifts. All coaches were ordered with available advanced driver assistance systems including adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation systems.

“Upgrading our assets has been pivotal in helping us secure new contracts, increase our rates and reap the business benefits of the latest and greatest onboard technologies,” Ferrari said. “Customers want and expect the newest and best from their transportation experience.”

In addition to providing high style, comfort and digital amenities, the 2020 Van Hool coaches also integrate a reengineered driver’s area that gives his drivers a high degree of confidence and a sense of pride about the vehicles they drive.

“Drivers love the new look and feel of the dashboard,” Ferrari said.

People First, Safety Driven is the company mantra, and the new Van Hool coaches support that mission with a host of standard and optional features that are designed to enhance driver performance and passenger security. The new 2020 models integrate ABC’s RECON (Readiness for Emergency CONditions) options and feature 360 exterior view cameras that give drivers a complete view around the vehicle, and capture incidents — providing accurate data about driver behaviors. Also, driver alerts and collision mitigation systems utilize the CX45’s new user-friendly digital dash to provide in-dash driver alerts for safe following distances, forward collision warning alerts, and more. ECHO AFC Transportation also upgraded the onboard REI entertainment system to enable customized safety messages which provide date and time log verification of announcements. And, ABC’s new Immersive Ambient Lighting System featuring twelve selectable colors that can bathe the coach interior in programmable lighting schemes, adds dramatic lighting to these new coaches.

ABC offers a full suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems through its optional RECON packages. RECON options can help increase driver awareness with driver alert displays that detect and warn drivers of potential risks. Available options include: 360 Exterior View Camera System; Side View Cameras; Driver Alert and Adaptive Cruise Control; available Mobileye provides Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCS), pedestrian & cyclist detection and over-speed warnings.

In addition to RECON options, a variety of other “smart-enabled” features will also be available from ABC this year. From bolt on systems that offer adjunct auxiliary power and more visibility into fleet operations, to its comprehensive asset management tool – ABC Connect, the company is focused on a number of new technology offerings in 2020.

“We have an incredible working relationship with John. We understand his brand and the company’s passion to offer the gold standard in ground transportation in his market,” said Greg Gates, ABC Account Manager. “For 20 years we’ve been fortunate to help ECHO AFC Transportation build a prestigious fleet that has steadily become one of the largest and most prestigious throughout the state of Texas with expanding operations in Florida.”