Wheel Dolly Minimizes Back Injuries in Maintenance Facilities

While statistics show that 80% of adults will experience a back injury in their lifetime, and that more than one million back injuries are sustained in the workplace each year, one progressively designed apparatus in the arsenal of shop equipment is emerging as a key player to help reverse the tide. This is especially true in vehicle maintenance facilities across the U.S. and Canada.

The solution: The high lift wheel dolly, which according to a recent review of best practices across North America conducted by heavy-duty vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni, is enhancing ergonomics, safety and versatility on the shop floor. It is designed to combine the need to raise vehicles for service and repair with safe wheel removal.

“Wheel dollies,” explains Peter Bowers, technical sales support manager at Stertil-Koni “are specifically engineered to assist technicians with the removal and installation of single and dual wheels on raised buses and trucks. What’s more, this vital piece of shop equipment dramatically lowers the occurrence of back injuries and abdominal strains because wheel removal is completed at an altitude that is higher than floor level and in line with technicians working in a fully standing position.”

It’s also versatile.

Stertil-Koni’s popular WDA-500 model lift wheel dolly has a telescopic crane arm option that turns this model into a universal lifting tool. The crane arm offers efficiency and stable ergonomics when lifting disc brakes, brake drums, fuel tanks, tool boxes, calipers, and many other heavy parts.

“So,” added Bowers, “when it comes to lifting big wheels, the WDA-500 model is definitely up to the challenge, with a capacity of 1,100 lbs. That comes in handy when a technician is removing large wheels or dual wheels that can often weigh up to 500 lbs. The crane arm on the WDA-500, which is fitted with a 360-degree pivoting hook for greater range and flexibility, easily swivels aside to allow wheel removal operations to be completed without straining the technician.

As a result, major transportation sectors are taking note — including transit agencies, freight companies, the aviation sector, the U.S. Military, pupil transportation and more.

The very popular WDA-500 can accommodate wheel sizes from 10.63 to 51.18 inches. The dolly stands 47.17 inches high with a width of 45.28 inches and length of 33.30 inches. Lifting height is 28.23 inches. It weighs 220 lbs. The high wheel dolly can also be used with Mobile Column Lifts, platform, and inground lifts. View the full range of Stertil-Koni wheel dolly shop equipment here.