Westchester County awards New Flyer a contract for up to 128 hybrid-electric Xcelsior Transit Buses

New Flyer of America Inc. (New Flyer), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (NFI), one of the world’s leading independent global bus manufacturers, today announced that the Westchester County Department of Public Works and Transportation (operating as the ”Bee-Line”) has awarded New Flyer a new order for 66 Xcelsior® forty-foot hybrid electric buses.

The order is part of a two year contract, with future possible option orders for up to 52 additional forty-foot and 10 thirty five-foot Xcelsior hybrid electric buses. The Bee-Line is Westchester County’s bus system, serving over 27 million passengers annually in the White Plains region of New York state and has been a longtime leader in sustainable mobility and continues to rely on New Flyer’s low emission expertise. The purchase is supported by a combination of state and Federal Transit Administration funds, and replaces end of life vehicles, continuing the county’s move toward more sustainable transit.

“Hybrid-electric buses immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and are a safe and reliable way to move people through the community while contributing to cleaner air,” said Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer and MCI. “New Flyer’s hybrid-electric technology is currently in motion across 5,500 buses, providing reductions in transmission and brake maintenance, requiring fewer parts and fluids, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions through decreases of up to 50% in NOx and 90-100% in particulate matter levels. We are proud to have delivered more than 170 hybrid buses into Westchester County since 2009.”

Hybrid buses provide a better passenger experience through smoother acceleration, a quieter ride, and improved air quality. Today, there are more than 15,000 Xcelsior buses on the road in the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit newflyer.com/buses/xcelsior-family.