Transign’s newest product packages offer unrivaled integration options

With public transportation in greater demand than ever before, Transign continues to lead the industry with innovative products and services. Transign’s newest product packages, the LED Destinator™ and LED EnCompass™, offer unrivaled integration options, as well as GPS connectivity and many other features.

Transign’s smart bus solution, the LED Destinator EnCompass™, is a hands-free, fully automated fleet management solution that combines GPS-based message progression with Transign’s existing high-quality LED Destinator™ signs, route boxes, emergency button systems, interior LED and LCD displays, next stop announcements and stop requests, and automated interior and exterior voice announcements as one customizable package, improving transit safety and reliability.

With this fully integrated, “connected” system, information is automatically displayed based on bus location or other on-board activity. Exterior facing signs trigger the next destination based on geo-fence GPS data and can display emergency alerts or other localized information. The Transign LED EnCompass™ not only meets ADA compliance, but also provides a platform on which to build a personalized and customized experience for your riders. Interior monitors and LCD displays further enhance communication with video playback and location-based advertising opportunities.

Integration Capabilities

The LED Destinator EnCompass™ system’s open integration capabilities can be specifically customized and tailored to bridge software platforms to any provider’s current transportation system. With the value added customizable packages, Transign’s unique system allows agencies of all sizes to experience the safety and reliability of AVL software regardless of size or budget.

If your agency is already using a GPS-based ITS software, Transign™ can deliver integration-ready LED signage and other related hardware that communicate via J1708/J1587 or RS232/RS485. Transign carefully develops industry partnerships to provide an affordable solution that allows customers to take advantage of technology driven AVL/AVA/GPS options, regardless of your transportation system.

The LED Destinator EnCompass™ sign system gives transit agencies a cost effective solution that brings capabilities to small fleets that were once only available to large, HD fleets, all while improving service and communication, increasing ridership, and running more efficiently to maximize revenue.




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