Tough Meets Attractive: Koro-Trans® Astra Flor® Helps You Put Your Best Foot Forward with Better Looking, Safer Flooring

No longer do you have to settle for slip-resistant flooring from overseas manufacturers at higher prices. Profusion – the leader in school bus flooring for more than 25 years – pairs the rugged quality expected by school fleets with the attractive options desired by commercial and public transit fleets in its Astra Flor® line of flooring products.

The Astra Flor system provides an attractive, clean and secure bus floor surface. The unique smooth surface exceeds industry standards in slip resistance without harsh aggregates that can tear mops while cleaning, making it easier to maintain than more costly overseas products.

In fact, Koro-Trans® flooring has already been installed in over 50,000 public and privately operated vehicles, and now offers an expanded range of colors and designs in both the popular metal flake textures and wood grain looks you want.

Key qualities make Koro-Trans Astra Flor a leader in transit vehicle flooring:
• High-performance through better construction and stronger materials. Astra Flor systems exceed industry standards for fire and slip resistance. They also are proven to be highly resistant to abrasion, moisture and contaminants.
• Design options create a great first impression. Our expanded palette also includes metal flake textures and wood grain patterns. Plus ultraviolet and ozone resistance keep our flooring looking good longer.
• Easier to clean. Our unique materials provide slip-resistant properties, without the harsh aggregates used by European manufacturers that tend to destroy mop heads and make cleaning more difficult.

With Astra Flor systems, OEMs have more choices than ever, and so do you. Plus, Astra Flor systems are proud to deliver optimum American-made quality.
Don’t settle. Tell your dealer you want Koro-Trans® Astra Flor® by Profusion Industries. Learn more about Astra Flor and request samples of our product.