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Rough Roads ≠ Rough Rides

By Joel Badskey As part of my job, I have had the opportunity to travel all over the United States and Canada. With that travel I have been afforded the opportunity to experience a variety of foods, a myriad of festivals, the incredible diversity of cultures, and more twists and turns of the English language […]

Ohio teens suspended after school bus ‘gas’ attack

Two 13-year-old Ohio teens lost their school bus privileges for a day after Canal Winchester Middle School officials cited the youths for “obscene gestures” after both passed gas on the bus.

When the rub wears off the tire, where does it go?

The mechanical function of the tire casing is to contain the air pressure that supports the vehicle load, assure the function of the suspension by absorbing road irregularities, resist lateral drifting and centrifugal force, and transmit the torque necessary to move and stop the vehicle.